15 "Homework" Activities for Your Children


woman and child looking at each otherSometimes, you just need a quiet moment to take care of homework. If you have children, you know they’re rarely quiet. We’ve heard from moms that giving children “homework” to work on while you study can be a great way to engage your children in your studies and get stuff done! Here are some activities your children can do while you work on homework:

  1. Read a book
  2. Color
  3. Create a craft
  4. Watch a cartoon
  5. Have a playdate at another friend’s house
  6. Hula hoop
  7. Draw with sidewalk chalk
  8. Put a jigsaw puzzle together
  9. Play with Legos or blocks
  10. Make Playdough creations
  11. Keep a balloon in the air
  12. Blow bubbles
  13. Create a rice sandbox
  14. Set up a dominoes chain
  15. Write letters to family

If getting a sitter for some study time or staying up after the children are in bed isn’t working for you, try out some of these activities. We hope you find them helpful on your educational journey.

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