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20 Ideas for Recharging This Weekend


20 Ideas for Recharging This WeekendOverwhelm is real. It makes you feel like everything you have to do is piling up on you and makes it hard for you to believe time to yourself is important. But it is! 

Regain control over each precious hour of your day with these life-enhancing  time management tips for adult students.

Self care is one of the best ways to prevent overwhelm and burnout. This list below shows some great ways you can take care of yourself without spending a considerable amount of time or money. In fact, a few can take less than a few minutes!

  1. Go to a coffee shop and drink a cup of coffee without working on your homework.
  2. Find a quiet space in your house and spend time in conversation with God.
  3. Sit down with a family and have a real conversation, beyond the day-to-day.
  4. Catch a yoga class at one of your local studios.
  5. Download the Headspace app and try a free meditation.
  6. Wake up before everyone else and read while the house is quiet.
  7. Turn your phone off and watch an entire movie on Netflix.
  8. Watch a bunch of funny cat videos on Youtube.
  9. Take a warm bath with bubbles and candles.
  10. Play Sudoku free online or do a word search.
  11. Dive into your favorite novel.
  12. Bundle up and enjoy a walk through nature.
  13. Ask a friend you don’t see often to lunch.
  14. Try a new, easy recipe you found on Pinterest. (We have tons on this board!)
  15. Get to church early so you can spend time in reflection before hearing the message.
  16. Get a massage or mani/pedi.
  17. Turn off the alarm clock and relax in bed!
  18. Sit down to a nice dinner without the distraction of phones or television.
  19. Buy a new board game at the thrift store and play it with your family.
  20. Spend time petting or playing with your dog or cat.

We hope you will make the most of your weekend with these ideas! You deserve it.

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