7 Reasons to Attend a Christian College


front gates of Southern Nazarene UniversityFinding the right college takes thought and evaluation. Degree programs, tuition, classroom environment, accreditation, career placement - all are factors for consideration prior to enrollment.

But have you considered the benefits of attending a Christian university? You’re choosing to commit to a community and an integrated education that is centered on God and Scripture.

1. Immerse yourself in a Christian worldview in the classroom

A Christian’s journey to know God in a deeper way and to live a Christ-like life is ongoing. Exposing yourself to a variety of Christian leaders and students will help you develop a more intimate knowledge of the character of God. A biblical education will also help answer some of life’s tough questions and moral dilemmas. Your education shouldn’t just prepare you for a job, but it should prepare you to think through the hard questions that come up in everyday life. You can be confident in not only your education at a Christian university but also the preparation you’ve made to be a disciple in a professional environment.

2. Enjoy fellowship and support for your heart and soul

One of the most recognizable proverbs is Proverbs 27:17, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” Do not take for granted the truth and power behind that verse. It’s invaluable to learn in an environment that is based on biblical teachings and encourages students to apply those truths to their studies and education.

3. Learn from an engaged and caring Christian faculty

Properly understood, every class can reveal the nature and character of God, and a Christian college will search for the deeper truths in every subject. You will have professors at places like Southern Nazarene University who are incredibly skilled and knowledgeable in their field. They will provide you with expert instruction and challenge you to grow and learn, while also reinforcing their lessons through a Christian worldview.

4. Feel secure that there’s an administration caring for your well-being

Because the focus at Christian universities goes beyond grades and financials, there are often systems put in place to help students along their way. For example, at SNU there are on-staff chaplains for both the traditional and adult students to provide spiritual guidance and support through hard and happy times.

5. Get engaged with mission-centered service on-campus

All college campuses have student life activities. Many have opportunities to engage in community service through campus groups. If you have a heart for mission work, and are seeking the opportunity to engage in something meaningful during your time in college, a Christian university might be the best fit for you. There is something valuable in working for God’s kingdom with like-minded individuals during your college years. The bonds formed during mission work are everlasting.

6. Discover education grounded in faith and tradition

Deepening your knowledge and education is more than important; it’s the reason to go to college. Embark on that journey with the understanding that the education you’ll be receiving is being delivered with the same traditional principles that you hold close to your heart. At SNU refining character, creating culture and serving Christ are our guiding principles.

7. Experience education focused on growing your heart and your mind

The main goal of a university is to disseminate educational information. While many public universities stop there, Christian universities go beyond with a focus to grow the entire student. They understand this time on earth is temporary and the need to invest in students’ spiritual wellbeing. Christian schools design their curriculum and hire faculty and staff with the expectation that they can invest in their students’ spiritual growth.

While pursuing an education and bettering yourself professionally, consider the long-lasting impact of completing these goals at a Christian university. Please email us at admissions@snu.edu to decide if SNU is the right Christian university for you.

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