Parents: What to do Before Enrolling in College


adult standing with backpackGoing back to school as a parent can be an overwhelming experience. Here are four steps you can take to make the transition into your educational journey as smooth as possible.

1. Speak with your support system.

Coordinate with your partner, parents, babysitter and anyone who will be supporting you and your children through your educational journey. Getting everyone on board with your goals will make it easier when something comes up. (And you’re a parent; things will come up!)

2. Speak as a family.

Sit down with your support system and children, and have an honest conversation about going back to school and what that means for the family. Younger children can benefit from hearing about the routine, and older children can learn more about higher education and the importance of self-care as a parent. Be sure to address their fears, and consider meeting with a family counselor.

3. Speak with your employer.

Discuss your school schedule with your supervisor or Human Resources manager ahead of time. If your job is less flexible, consider an adult learning program, like SNU’s, that offers options to attend class one night a week or completely online.

4. Get a good planner.

Now that you’re ready to enroll, invest in a great planner to keep up with all of your school deadlines and other obligations! Congratulations on moving forward with your education!

When going back to college, preparation is everything. Going into your new degree program with the right mindset and expectations can set you up for a rewarding, empowering educational experience.

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