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Benefits of Adult College Programs

Instructor working with adult students in classBeing an adult student positions you for success in ways that aren’t typically available in a traditional setting. With age comes wisdom, and, sometimes, new ways to success. There are colleges - SNU included - that offer benefits beyond the basic expectations.

Convenient class schedule

Finishing your degree requirements is a marathon, not a sprint. This is especially true for the adult student. We recognize our students have families, households and jobs that require their attention. At universities like SNU, you’re able to take classes one night a week. This means you can juggle classes and everyday responsibilities more easily.

Regain control over each precious hour of your day with these life-enhancing  time management tips for adult students.

Knowledgeable and supportive professors

Professors who teach classrooms full of adults have the enormous task to facilitate learning in those who have already spent time in the workforce. They will provide you with expert instruction and challenge you to grow and learn, while also reinforcing existing lessons or explaining them in a new and interesting way. Your instructors want you to take as much from their course as you can.

Smaller class sizes

Oftentimes, classes for adults are smaller and more intimate. Large lecture halls can be intimidating, so this is a major perk for people who have been out of the classroom for quite some time. In these smaller classes, there’s the opportunity to engage and participate with your peers and your professors. This will also help build your professional network as you develop relationships in the classroom.

Enrolled in classes with other working adults

Long gone are the days of being mistaken for the professor because you’re older than all the students around you. In programs designed for adults, you’ll be with other professionals who are working toward similar goals and have experience will full-time work and juggling family and other responsibilities. When peers share those experiences in class, it presents an added element to the classroom. These perspectives can strengthen and deepen the lessons you’re learning.

The path to earning a bachelor’s or master’s degree has never looked better for working adults. With the benefits highlighted above and resources available at SNU, nothing should stand between you and your degree. If you have additional questions about the adult degree programs at SNU, please connect with our advisors today!

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