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Building Special Ed Leaders: A Deep Dive into SNU's MAASE Program

Choosing the Right Special Education Degree to Advance Your Career

Special education requires a teacher with the skills and knowledge to effectively meet students' diverse needs. Educators can become leaders in Special Education with a Master's degree in Special Education Administration (MAASE) from SNU. This degree will give them the skills needed to succeed in their field. SNU's MAASE program is a good choice for those wanting to become special education teachers/leaders. It combines academic challenges with hands-on learning.


A Program Designed for All Educators

The SNU MAASE program is accessible to both new and seasoned educators. Recent graduates with a bachelor's degree in special education can gain the knowledge and qualifications to pursue leadership positions. At the same time, more experienced teachers may use the program to advance their careers.

This program truly offers something for everyone with the tools and knowledge to equip teachers to move up in their careers. This method ensures the program provides a diverse learning environment for sharing and discussing different perspectives and experiences.

The program's flexibility allows educators to balance their professional and personal commitments while furthering their education. Students can use what they learn immediately with a curriculum that combines theory and practical experience.

Students in the program come from diverse backgrounds, creating a dynamic learning environment that encourages collaboration and idea-sharing. This helps students learn better and helps teachers effectively meet the needs of all students. The SNU MAASE program helps educators at all career stages make a positive impact in special education.


Distinguished Faculty with Real-World Expertise

A cornerstone of the SNU MAASE program's excellence lies in its exceptional faculty. Special education professionals with real-world experience teach all classes, bringing their knowledge directly to the classroom. This ensures that students not only encounter theoretical frameworks but also acquire invaluable insights into the practical realities of special education administration.

Teachers can use their own experiences to explain important ideas, helping students better understand the difficulties and possibilities they will face as leaders.


Flexible Formats to Accommodate Busy Schedules

Understanding that educators often juggle demanding schedules, SNU offers the MAASE program in two flexible formats:

  1. Face-to-Face/Distant Learning: Students can attend in person or via Zoom. Classes are held on Wednesday evenings from 6:00 to 10:00 PM, which is convenient for teachers and coaches. Your instructor leads discussions, often drawing from real-life situations shared by students. 
  2. Online: For those unable to attend Wednesday evening classes, this format offers a fully virtual experience. Discussions are conducted through interactive written forums in Canvas.

Alternative Certified Teachers: If you need 18 credit hours to fulfill your requirements for a provisional certificate, our program can assist you. We offer pedagogy and classroom management courses that fulfill alternative certification and/or emergency certification requirements. The credit hours earned in MAASE can be applied toward both your Provisional and Alt Cert/Emerg. Cert.


Principal's Certification: A Competitive Advantage

Students in the program come from diverse backgrounds, creating a dynamic learning environment that encourages teamwork and sharing ideas. The SNU MAASE program also includes coursework needed for Principal's Certification, giving students a valuable advantage.

Completing the Principal's Certification in the MAASE program is essential for leadership roles within special education administration. This gives teachers an advantage in the job market. Employers value candidates with the qualifications to effectively lead and manage special education programs.

The hybrid learning option allows working professionals to balance their career responsibilities with furthering their education. The flexibility of in-person and virtual classes will enable students to tailor their learning experiences to fit their schedules. Additionally, the program's interactive nature promotes collaboration and networking opportunities among peers.

Overall, the SNU MAASE program provides a comprehensive and convenient pathway for individuals seeking to advance their careers in special education administration. SNU prepares graduates for the job market by including these requirements in the program, giving them a diverse set of skills. This eliminates the need for educators to pursue separate certification programs, saving them valuable time and resources.


Supporting Alternative Certified Teachers

The program recognizes the needs of alternative certified teachers who may require additional coursework to fulfill provisional certificate requirements. SNU's MAASE program offers targeted pedagogy and classroom management courses that address these needs. This flexibility allows alternative certified educators to integrate their existing qualifications seamlessly with the program's specialized knowledge and leadership skills.


Financial Aid Options to Ease the Burden

The financial investment associated with higher education is a significant consideration for many students. SNU acknowledges this and is dedicated to making the MAASE program accessible. The program helps students find financial aid options like the TEACH Grant and Loan Forgiveness programs. Grant and forgiveness programs can lower tuition costs, making special education programs more accessible for future leaders in the field.


A Passionate Program Director Leading the Way

The MAASE program is led by Lynette Thompson, PhD. She has over 30 years of experience in special education and administrative roles. Dr. Thompson brings knowledge and a genuine passion for special education to the program. Her commitment is evident in the following statement:

"I would love for you to join our SNU family," says Dr. Thompson. “The way our program is set up allows you to build a network that will not only last while you are in school but will last a lifetime. These lasting relationships are crucial in the special education world.  You will need a strong support system, and SNU offers a way for you to not only receive your education but to build a support system through relationships with colleagues and professors at that same time. "

The program's emphasis on fostering a supportive learning community where students can connect with their peers and instructors, building a network of colleagues that will serve them well throughout their careers, shines through under Lynette’s leadership. 


Conclusion: Investing in Your Future as a Special Education Leader

The SNU MAASE program offers a unique and valuable opportunity for educators seeking to make a lasting impact within the field of special education. By combining a comprehensive curriculum with real-world experience from esteemed faculty, the program equips graduates with the knowledge and skills to lead, nurture and support students with special needs through dynamic lesson plans and engaging, individualized curriculum.

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