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Careers You Can Have with a Master’s in Administration of Special Education

A career in special education can be incredibly rewarding, with options for selfless people with all levels of education. However, if you’re looking to find a career at a higher level that will allow you to affect systematic change and serve as a leader in your field, earning a master’s degree in Special Education Administration might be a smart move. These are some of the roles you may qualify for.

Special Education Director (Public/Private Schools)

National Average Salary: $111,947 

Special education directors oversee programs and make sure systems in place best serve those with unique needs and abilities. These positions often exist in public and private schools, and tasks can vary on a day-to-day basis. You may need to set budgets, review the effectiveness of shorterm and longterm projects, plan professional development days, supervise special education workers and more. It’s important for people in this role to work well with others, have excellent critical thinking skills, and have good follow-through.

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Special Education Coordinators

National Average Salary: $48,497

Making sure people with special needs are having their needs met is all in a day’s work for special education coordinators. They typically work in school districts and connect people and services to best serve students. In addition to coordinating services, creating initiatives that include children with special needs in mainstream activities is also an important aspect of this role. Working well with others, communicating clearly, and public speaking are all important stills someone in this position needs to have. 

Special Education Instructional Supervisors

National Average Salary: $64, 584

In addition to coordinating services for students, special education instructional supervisors play an important part in ensuring policies are followed and compliance is maintained. They may also develop IEPs for students, ensure they are being followed, and help in hiring and overseeing staff members. Those who exceed in this role are excellent and understanding, implementing, and following policies and procedures, as well as communicating clearly with others and reviewing information with an analytical eye.

Special Education Principals

National Average Salary (of an assistant principal): $69.995

Special education principals may be seen as mentors in the world of special education. A workday may include providing support to staff, troubleshooting issues that arise, managing legal paperwork, and more. Working with multiple people across the school and even the district is to be expected. Public speaking skills, knowledge of human resources principles, and a deep understanding of special education from the student and educator perspective are crucial.  

State Agencies Leadership roles within Special Education Services

Average Salary: variable

Various state agencies may need an educated professional to fulfill a role within special education services. These people may provide expert advice, orchestrate programs, manage budgets, and more. Before entering a role like this, be sure to do your research and make sure the position is a good fit for your skills and what you find most fulfilling.

Nonprofit Special Education Education Leadership 

Average Salary: variable

Many nonprofit organizations work to serve people of all ages with various needs. After earning a master’s in Special Education Administration, graduates often find rewarding work in serving people hands-on or directing programs to benefit others. As with state agencies, non-profits and the positions available can vary greatly, so finding the right fit is important.

Whether you’re working hands-on with students, adults, or in policy, there are countless opportunities to make a difference and improve the quality of life in those you serve. If the jobs above sound like something that might match your skills and interests but you don’t yet have the qualifications, consider enrolling in SNU’s M.A. in the Administration of Special Education. While taking class one night a week or completely online, you’ll learn strategies to effectively teach and lead in special education, preparing yourself for one of the careers above!

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