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Dr. Lynn Lease, Program Director for SNU's Master of Science in Instructional Design and Technology ProgramSouthern Nazarene University (SNU) is excited to announce Dr. Lynn Lease as the new director for the Master of Science in Instructional Design and Technology (MS IDT) program. Currently, Dr. Lease serves as the Director of Faculty Enrichment at SNU and Associate Professor for the MS IDT program.

As the new Program Director for the MS IDT program, Dr. Lease will oversee the faculty, curriculum, and student experience. She will ensure the program remains aligned with current and emerging industry trends. Additionally, she will serve in a larger capacity for SNU's Center for Learning and Innovation, where she serves as an innovator, educator, trainer, and instructional designer.

Dr. Lease has worked in higher education since 1993. She spent the first eight and a half years in student affairs at various public universities working in residence life before transitioning into academic affairs. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Journalism and Public Relations, a Master of Arts degree in Higher Education Administration, and a PhD in Instructional Design.

"Instructional design is both an art and a science," explains Dr. Lease. "I appreciate that I can rely on the foundational theories, processes, and frameworks on the science side of what we do." She adds, "I love that the art side of what we do encourages us to think outside the box to create learning solutions, client proposals, and experiences specific to the needs of the learners and stakeholders of each unique project."

Instructional design is a versatile field. Practitioners work across various sectors such as the military, healthcare, business, and education. This versatility allows those new to instructional design to leverage their existing skills and knowledge from these industries, making a smooth transition into instructional design.

"Our program is built to help students consider their past and current professional experiences and to build on their transferable skill set," Dr. Lease explains. "There are many opportunities for students to identify the areas that most interest them and to use their strengths to help them thrive in those areas."

"I highly recommend a degree in instructional design," she says. "A degree not only equips you with the necessary foundational and theoretical knowledge and practical skills but also enhances your credibility and competitiveness in the job market."


Students enrolled in the instructional design and technology program take one six-week course at a time to master each new skill.  Built with busy adults in mind, this accelerated program can be completed in as little as 16 months. "Because the program is completely asynchronous, students can set a schedule that best suits their needs, while still meeting their weekly due dates," explains Dr. Lease.

She offers advice to all students to set a weekly rhythm that can be maintained throughout the program. She recommends using specific days of the week to do specific tasks such as reviewing the weekly module, completing readings and research, posting in discussions, and completing assignments. "Many of the courses include term projects," she explains. She encourages students follow the milestones, one step at a time as outlined in the modules, to help them stay on track.

Dr. Lease suggests that students interested in an instructional design degree connect with instructional designers working in various fields. "So many of the instructional design professionals I have networked with are willing to share resources, practical tips, and experiences they have had," she says. "Networking with these professionals can open doors to mentorship opportunities, industry insights, and job prospects."

Dr. Lease's favorite course to teach is Trends and Innovation in Instructional Design. It covers several topics, including current trends, research, and opportunities for innovation within the field of instructional design. "The field of instructional design is constantly changing, and I have the opportunity to update this course each time it is offered," she explains.

"We want to ensure that our students are learning and discussing the most current trends and innovations in our field," she adds. "This course provides a space for students to explore these exciting and current developments, which directly impact the daily work of instructional designers."

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According to Dr. Lease, one of the most valuable aspects of the MS IDT program is a project-based learning approach. Students can immediately apply what they are learning to their current work and future careers in the instruction design and technology industries. "This approach exposes students not only to the foundational and theoretical knowledge to guide their work but also allows them to gain practical experience during their program that directly and immediately enhances their professional work," she explains.

The program also offers students the chance to become proficient in a variety of technology tools and processes, project management skills, and content creation and editing workflows used by professionals in today’s instructional design field. "This comprehensive training equips our students to develop effective learning and training solutions for a broad range of needs," says Dr. Lease.

As part of their coursework, students develop a digital portfolio throughout the program to showcase their knowledge and skills to future employers. This portfolio highlights a combination of practical application and technological proficiency, helping them transition into careers in instructional design.

Dr. Lease highly recommends that all students contact her when they have questions or need help. “If you feel stuck, don’t wait to reach out for help," she says. Our faculty are available and willing to answer questions, offer clarification, and even talk through course projects, workplace applications, and career goals."

"We love to talk with students, pray with students, and help support them on their journey through the program," she adds. "We have a passion for serving students, supporting them in all aspects of their lives, and seeing them succeed!”

Clearly, Dr. Lease is passionate about instructional design as well. "As an instructional designer, I serve by leading the subject matter experts or clients through a process they are unfamiliar with to partner in creating solutions that improve the performance of their learners or users," she explains. This passion paired with knowledge and experience will serve her well as she takes on this new leadership position.

“If you are curious about the field of instructional design and want to know more, please reach out to me! I love to share about this exciting field and the many opportunities it can provide.” You can reach Dr. Lease via email at

Please help us congratulate Dr. Lynn Lease, Program Director for SNU's Master of Science in Instructional Design and Technology!

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