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How Adult Students Are Positioned for Success

hands writing on a napkin with penBeing an adult learner positions you for career success in ways that aren’t usually available for traditional students. With age comes wisdom, and sometimes, new pathways to career success.

You already have foundational knowledge.

As an adult student, you definitely had work experience and have a functional understanding of how the professional world operates. Most employers are looking for employees with both knowledge and experience. With your degree and experience, you’ll be positioned to enter into a great role!

The best way to secure a raise is to simply ask. But how should you approach  the conversation with your boss? This infographic has the answers.

You’re serious about what you’re doing.

In this season of life, college isn’t about finding yourself or having a good time.You’ve got other responsibilities. The college movie clichés do not apply here. You know the true cost of not applying yourself or putting forth your best effort.

That makes you serious about turning in quality assignments, showing up to class, performing well and earning high grades. Doing well at this level will prepare you for what comes next.

You can apply what you’re learning immediately.

Taking what you learned in class and using it in a real world situation makes you feel validated and gives a sense of confidence. Now imagine waiting for that feeling for a year or two while you work toward graduation and then apply for a job. If you’re an adult student already working in your chosen profession, you can apply that knowledge immediately!

You already have your end goals in mind.

How many people do you know who started college right out of high school only to change their major a half dozen times? Making life plans at 18 years old is hard, but with age comes wisdom. Going back to school as an adult means you really know what you want and where you want to go.

Being an adult student provides unique opportunities to succeed. It might even prove to be more beneficial to you in the long-run, but everyone’s life experiences are different. If you think you’re ready to take the next step and enroll at SNU, our advisers can help you start your application today. You can also click “Apply” on the website to complete the online admissions form. The process is simple and there’s no admissions fee!

How to ask your boss for a raise

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