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How One Mother Balanced School and Family

person typing on keyboardParenting is no easy feat.

Going back to college with a family to care for can seem impossible, but the truth is: it’s more achievable than ever.

Lindi Gomez started her degree, determined to reach her goals and set a good example for her family. Her number one tip? Write down a schedule for you and your child, and stick to it.

Regain control over each precious hour of your day with these life-enhancing  time management tips for adult students.

“Every week, I see what I have going on and then plan my studying around what the kids have planned,” Lindi said. “I’ve found explaining to my kids that I have homework to do and a scheduled time for it makes adjusting easier.”

Scheduling didn’t lessen the amount of work Lindi had to do to get her bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership at SNU, but it did help prevent overwhelm, which can be debilitating to a mom and student.

Lindi said, “It’s important to set aside time every week to work on my study so I don’t become overwhelmed.”

Eventually, Lindi said the whole family will adjust to the new schedule, as long as the kids are given clear expectations.

“I’ve found explaining to my kids that I have homework and setting a scheduled time for it makes adjusting easier,” Lindi said.

Enrolling in a traditional degree program can be challenging for parents who need to work full-time. Choosing a program that was designed for working parents was crucial to Lindi’s success.

“The professors and staff are a great source of support and encouragement,” Lindi said. “They are understanding of the things that may come up outside of school and work with you to be successful in the program.”

Completing a bachelor’s degree or continuing on to a master’s degree is a challenge that will leave you with the knowledge needed to further your career. But for Lindi, the reason for going to school went beyond that.

“Not only are you bettering yourself and getting a degree, but you’re showing your kids that with a little hard work and determination, anything can be achieved.”

time management for adult students

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