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How the Online Christian College Experience Is Different

How the Online Christian College Experience Is Different

About a third of students take at least one college class online. The COVID-19 pandemic showed how online education can support continued learning in trying circumstances, and may increase interest in online classes.

For Christians, it can be important to pursue a degree that is based in faith. Although online degree programs offer the flexibility that many adult students crave, many worry the Christian aspect won’t be as prominent in an online setting. The truth, though, is that online Christian colleges offer everything you’d experience on campus and more, from the comfort of your own home.If pursuing a degree that is based in faith is something you’re considering, here’s what you can expect when earning your degree online.  

A Commitment to the Whole Person 

When you enroll in an online Christian college, you do more than just start school. You’re enrolling in a program that treats you as a whole person. You’ll take classes that shape every aspect of how you view the world, covering topics such as: 

  • Living a moral, ethical life 
  • Connecting to others through what you do 
  • Communicating nonviolently and effectively, including about matters of faith 
  • Bridging differences in opinion 

Life is complex, and success is about more than just a degree. Social skills predict much about a person’s life, including how high they climb on the career ladder. SNU prioritizes developing the interpersonal skills that can help you thrive in diverse workplaces. 

Training for a Life of Service 

Christianity calls us to a higher purpose. One of the most effective ways to bring more people into the Christian community is by showing them how Christ's love can transform the world. We train our students for a life of serving others, no matter where they land in their career. If you care about making a difference in the world, a Christian college is a great place for you, no matter what faith tradition you come from. 

Meaningful Christian Fellowship 

One of the best ways to deepen your faith is in community with other people who challenge you, encourage you to do better, and share their own testimonies. At SNU, you work with a cohort of fellow learners. You’ll do more than just study together. You can meet for Bible study, share your spiritual struggles, and get to know one another’s families. Christianity helps you to grow in deep relationships with others. SNU helps you foster those relationships. 

Yearning to go back to school, but don’t think you have the time? Read our  guide, What to Expect from an Online Degree Program, to see if it’s the right  fit.

Deepening Your Commitment to Your Faith 

At SNU, our faith imbues everything we do. Many degree programs offer biblical perspectives on common issues, and most classes include information on ethical and spiritual issues. Christianity cannot be separate from the rest of your life if you are to fully flourish in your faith. That’s why we incorporate short devotionals into every class you take. Our chaplain can help you dig even more deeply, encouraging you to identify your own spiritual struggles and connect them to the problems of the world and the dilemmas you face in class. 

Whether you’re a dedicated student of the Bible, a novice Christian, or still on the fence about what you believe, you’ll get a chance to think meaningfully about how you live and practice your faith. You’ll emerge from our program with a more mature faith, fully prepared to put that faith to work in whatever career path you select. 

Openness to Other Faiths 

Faith is not something any school can impose on another. Indeed, choice and free will are cornerstones of the Christian faith. At SNU, we believe that students who choose Christianity must do so of their own free will. Our job is to model the transformative power of Christ in action. We value all members of our faith community, whether they are Christian, belong to another faith, or have no faith at all. You will be welcome here, no matter what path you walk. 

You may even find that an online Christian college offers a lot of value even if you’re not Christian. Some of the benefits of choosing a Christian school include: 

  • A chance to learn about the Christian faith. This may help you understand the people you encounter in the working world, particularly because Christanity is the dominant religion in the United States.
  • A school that cares about you. Compassion and concern for others are hallmarks of the Christian faith. When you enroll in a Christian college, you join more than a school. You become a vital member of a community. 
  • A deep commitment to doing good in the world. No matter what you believe, if you want to make a difference in the world, a Christian school gives you the skills to do so. 
  • Peers who care about you. Other people who choose this path do so because they want to share their Christian faith and invest in others. Your classmates will care about you and your well-being, seeing you not just as another person, but as another soul. 

A Chance for a Better Life 

The right college program can transform everything about your life, from your earnings to where you live. In 2019, college degree holders had median weekly earnings of $1,248—which is $502 more than those with just a diploma, amounting to $26,104 more per year. A degree is a sound investment that usually pays for itself in just a few years. You’ll open new career doors, gain access to more upward mobility, and model to your children the importance of a strong education. 

Of course, returning to school can be tough, especially because it requires a diligent balancing act if you work or have kids. Time management is key here. The school you choose is also important for making the most of your experience. An online Christian college supports you as a whole person—not just a paying student—making your years in college more rewarding and less stressful. 

The SNU Difference

SNU is deeply proud of our Christian roots and the diverse community of scholars we have built, both in person and online. Students who choose our model of learning gain access to myriad resources that can help you transform the life you have into the life you want. We specialize in supporting adult learners to begin or complete the degree that’s right for you. Some of the resources we offer include: 

  • An on-campus chaplain who can also provide virtual support. We believe that being spiritually whole can help you complete your studies. Our chaplain is here for you, no matter what you struggle with. 
  • Comprehensive financial aid assistance. Most of our students receive financial aid. We can help you decide which package is right for you and even help you complete the paperwork. 
  • An innovative model that allows you to learn at your own pace. Complete your degree completely online, or with just one night in person per week. You’ll enroll in just one course at a time, allowing you to pace your work and invest in class material. 
  • A cohort model that supports professional development. Learn with a group of peers who share your academic interests. Support each other as you complete your studies. When you graduate, you’ll have a ready-made professional network. 

As an innovative online Christian college, we believe in the power of a degree to change your life. We know that the right educational institution does more than just bolster earning power, though. It can help remake communities and the world by training a new generation of innovative leaders who enter the world prepared to change and improve it. 

We are here for you. We believe in you because we believe in the transformative power of the Christian faith. If you’re ready to take the next step toward the life you want, we can help. Learn more with our free guide, What to Expect from an Online Degree Program.

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