How to Stay Motivated as a Busy Adult Learner


cupcake and a cup of coffeeGetting a college degree can be a lot like eating an elephant – time-consuming, overwhelming and difficult! Fortunately, the way to get through both challenges is by taking it one step at a time until the challenge is complete. It’s just that simple. And it’s just that difficult.

So what keeps a person motivated through an entire elephant (or college degree)? Celebrating small victories, like a good test grade or accomplishing the week’s assignments, can be the difference between big success or burnout.

So, we asked our students, how do you celebrate? These are a few of our favorite answers:

“I give God thanks in all things, whether they are small or big.”

“With a small, sweet treat!”

“I sometimes forget to celebrate small wins, but when I remember, I generally try to thank God for the fortitude to stay on task.”

“I love to sing, so I get to sing a song on the Smule app when I complete my list academically and. Personally.”

“Reflecting on how far I’ve come and sharing the wins with my children in hopes that it promotes initiative to achieve their dreams.”

“Ice cream and jumping!”

“A meal at Golden Chick, six-piece spicy tenders with fried okra.”

However you celebrate your small victories, we applaud you for all you have accomplished and eagerly anticipate what your future holds.

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