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Watch This to Improve Your Attitude

In the peaks and valleys of life, it can be difficult to maintain a positive attitude, especially when you are busy, drained, or surrounded by negativity. Chaplain Samples shares ten ways, grounded in a biblical perspective, you can use to make your days (and you) more joyful.

Choose to Be Happy

For those with a healthy mind and spirit, happiness can be a choice. One that you have to make each and every day.

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View Problems as Opportunities

How you view problems may be even more important than how you handle them.

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Decide to Have Fun

When life is hard, having fun might be the last thing on your mind, but it might just be the best thing for your attitude!

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Decide to Laugh

Laughter is good medicine! Here's a poem to encourage some laughs.

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Decide to Not Make Things Worse

Let's face it, when you're down in the dumps, it's easy to make a decision that has your situation going from bad to worse. Chaplain Samples offers an alternative.

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Choose Happiness

Some days, the feeling of happiness may not be there. Here's how you can push through.

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Decide to Take Responsibility for Yourself

When things are hurtling out of control, the only way to take back power is to take responsibility for yourself.

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Focus on God, Not Your Problems

What you focus on grows in your life. Whether you choose to focus on God or your problems makes a huge difference.

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Decide to Never Give Up

Perseverance can make all the difference between a failure and a breakthrough.

Dream Big Dreams for God

Dare to dream freely and chase after the life God wants for you.


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