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Program Director Q&A with Scott Marsee, Ph.D.

Scott Marsee Q&A-2

What do you believe is the most valuable element of your program?

The MS in Instructional Design and Technology program provides learners with a blend of theory and practical skills. Learners will know the why behind the work of instructional design through theory but will also learn how to do the work of an instructional designer. This program provides graduates with tangible skills that can be immediately applied in the workplace. The faculty at SNU are leaders in the field and will provide learners with diverse learning opportunities.

How/Why did you enter this field?

I entered this field initially to become a better collegiate level faculty member but found that the field provides skills to develop engaging, innovative, and accessible learning for various modalities. The field also opened up opportunities to lead learning initiatives within different types of organizations. The work that we do in this field improves people's lives through creating learning experiences.

How does a student succeed in your program?

Learners in this program have the opportunity to put into practice what they learn through technology tools and through developing instructional products. Students succeed in the program by making good use of the learning provided to develop a portfolio of learning solutions to share with future employees. Through this program learners will develop the knowledge base, skills, and competencies of an Instructional Designer. Employers are looking for graduates who understand the theory but most importantly can apply the principles and innovate.

What advice would you give to someone interested in your program/industry?

For someone that is interested in learning more about the field, I would encourage them to search the job sites to see the types of jobs available in the field. Right now the job market in this field is full of opportunities in many different sectors. We have consistently through the years seen a rise in the number of businesses, hospitals, non-profits, higher education, etc. hiring instructional designers. We are also seeing a rise in K-12 school districts now hiring instructional designers to assist teachers. I would also encourage someone looking to learn more about the field to interview an instructional designer and get a feel for the day to day work of someone in this field. You will find that the day to day work of someone in this field can be diverse and fun.

What course is your favorite to teach and why?

Principles of Instructional Design is my favorite course because it is generally the first time a learner has really encountered the field in a real way. Students learn about the field but at the same time develop their first instructional product. This course is where the journey begins, and I love starting that journey with students.


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