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Searching for a Job in Tulsa or OKC? Here Are 5 Things You Need to Know


Have you recently relocated to a major city in Oklahoma like Tulsa or Oklahoma City (OKC)? Perhaps you’re interested in jump-starting your career in a new industry in Oklahoma. Searching for a new job can be taxing. One of the first steps job seekers must take is to research the job market in their local area or to consider relocating to another city where the job market is hot.

Luckily, the state of Oklahoma, particularly the major cities of Oklahoma City and Tulsa, has many opportunities for job seekers across a variety of fields. Industries such as energy, healthcare and business services are among the top contenders. 

If you’re looking for a new job but not sure where to begin, no need to panic. Here are five things you should consider before you start applying.

1. Booming Industries in Oklahoma

Oklahoma has long been considered the epicenter of the nation’s oil and gas industry. But in recent years, many other industries, including healthcare and transportation, have also taken off. Oklahoma residents interested in these industries can propel their careers and maximize their earning potential.


Biotechnology is a growing new industry, especially in Oklahoma City. The field of bioscience has opened up career opportunities in education and research testing, as well as bioscience goods and services production. There are 51,000 workers involved in the biosciences industry in OKC today

Business Services

Business services have blossomed in Oklahoma in recent years as well. This field encompasses a wide variety of career paths, from advertising and PR to computer science, customer service, consulting, and research and development. Not only is it a fast-growing field, but it also promises high earning potential. Locals and Oklahoma transplants alike are flocking to both Oklahoma City and Tulsa for opportunities in this field. 


Oklahoma boasts a reputation as the epicenter of the nation’s oil and gas industry. 

The state is home to a plethora of natural gas reserves and wind power plants — and just as many professional opportunities in the industry. Many top competitors in this field are Fortune 500 companies. Common areas of work in this industry include science streams, geology and engineering, human resources and accounting. 

Transportation and Logistics

Three major highways converge in the state of Oklahoma: I-40, I-35, and I-44. Accordingly, Oklahoma has become a home base for airport operations, railroad and transportation, freight trucking, warehouses and long-haul trucking office administration. This geographic region experiences nearly 350 good flying days per year, making it an optimal location for aviation and aerospace engineering, too.


Oklahoma has also become a major healthcare delivery hub. Oklahoma City boasts 20 general medical and surgical hospitals, four specialized hospitals and two federal medical installations. Candidates can pursue careers in clinical or administrative settings within the field of healthcare and also consider returning to in-person or online school if they want to level up their career prospects.

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2. Top Companies in Oklahoma City

If you’re looking to switch career paths but not sure which direction you’d like to take, the good news is that job opportunities in Oklahoma’s biggest city, Oklahoma City, are plentiful. Choose from top companies to work for, and gain inspiration about finding a new career that’s right for you. 


Paycom Software, Inc., known simply as Paycom, is an online payroll and human resource administrator IT company founded in 1998. Located in OKC, Oklahoma, Paycom boasts 4,200 employees as of 2020. 

The most sought-after job candidates are pursuing job titles including information security, billing specialist, administrative assistant, account executive and IT security administrator. Employees enjoy a robust benefits package, including $1 per-pay-period health insurance and $50,000 basic life and AD&D. Glassdoor reviews have earned Paycom 4.2 stars in employee satisfaction

American Heart Association

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, the American Heart Association (AHA), a nonprofit organization that funds cardiovascular medical research, has locations in Oklahoma City as well. The AHA seeks to educate consumers about living healthy lifestyles to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke. 

There are a variety of openings at this company, including as director of evaluation, development director, database designer and healthcare QI business development manager. 

Devon Energy

With nearly 1,400 employees, Devon Energy is an independent oil and natural gas exploration and production company. The company is located in Oklahoma City and offers its employees a variety of growth opportunities, community involvement and a robust benefits package. 

Current job openings include drilling engineers, I&E operator, automation operator, lease operator, information tech intern and digital security intern. According to Zippia reviews, Devon received an overall rating of 4.9 stars. Devon has won several of Zippia’s top rankings, including No. 1 in Best Companies to Work For in Oklahoma City; #1 in Best Fortune 500 Companies to Work For in Oklahoma City; and No. 2 in Best Companies to Work For in Oklahoma.

Deaconess Hospital

Deaconess Hospital is one of the most reputable healthcare institutions in the Oklahoma City area. The hospital is affiliated with Community Health Systems and employs a diverse staff of over 1,400 employees (76.5% female and 26.2% ethnic minorities). 

Common job roles include patient account rep, customer relations, coder and clinician analyst, in addition to traditional clinical roles. Zippia awarded Deaconess Hospital with a 4.6 star rating and No. 2 in Best Healthcare Companies to Work for in Oklahoma City, OK.

Oklahoma Gas & Electric

Oklahoma Gas & Electric is a regulated electric utility company and a leading subsidiary of OGE Energy Corp. with a mission to provide reliable electricity to Oklahoma communities at a reasonable cost. The company services 750,000 customers in Oklahoma and Arkansas and currently employs a team of 3,269 people, according to its Zippia profile. 

Job seekers can apply to fill roles like lead operational reliability engineer; human performance and compliance coordinator; system, protection and control engineer; relay technician apprentice; and health and safety engineering consultant. There are also paid internship opportunities available. Zippia awards Oklahoma Gas & Electric with a score of 4.7 stars.

3. Best Places for Jobs in Tulsa

While many of Oklahoma’s industries have hubs in Oklahoma City, Tulsa is also booming with great companies to work for. Job candidates can search for jobs in energy, manufacturing and transportation, to name a few. 

Hilti North America

This construction company employs a team of 3,800 highly trained team members in construction, civil engineering, energy, mechanical, electrical, interior finishing, and steel and metalwork. Hilti “makes construction sites work simpler, faster and safer.” Hilti is headquartered in Plano, Texas, but also has locations in Oklahoma, including Tulsa. Employees rated Hilti highest in equal opportunities for women and men, and they have generous maternity and adoptive leave policies.

American Airlines (AA) Maintenance Base

This Texas-based airline houses many of its service and company needs, including tech op and maintenance, in Tulsa. Tulsa is home to more than 5,500 AA team members. AA’s largest base maintenance facility is charged with operating and repairing a fleet of more than 1,000 airline carriers. If you land a job in Tulsa with AA, you’ll enjoy great perks and travel opportunities as part of the comprehensive benefits package. 


According to its website, ONE Gas delivers “natural gas for a better tomorrow.” ONE Gas is headquartered in Tulsa and offers 100% regulated natural gas utility. Two million customers in Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas rely on the utility company. ONE Gas is the largest natural gas distributor in Oklahoma and employs between 1,001-5,000 people. Employees give ONE Gas high ratings based on equal opportunities for women and men and salary satisfaction.

4. How to Find the Right Job Match for You

Applying for jobs is a lot like finding a partner — there’s a courting process where you must both decide if you and the company are compatible. Although there’s the right company and the right candidate for everyone, not every prospect will be the perfect fit. As you submit applications and land interviews, remember that you are interviewing the company just as much as they are interviewing you. 

Focus on things like company mission and values, culture, size and room for career growth. You may prefer to take an entry role at a small company where you can really dive in deep to your particular skill set and get to know the industry well. Others may prefer to work for a larger company where they can dabble in multiple roles and learn which suits their talents best. Find out more about a company’s culture by reading reviews online and speaking with former employees.

5. Tips to Expand Your Career Opportunities in Oklahoma

It’s never too late to switch career paths or level up in your chosen field. Sometimes, this means going back to school to earn your degree. 

When it comes to pursuing your education as an adult, there’s no one size that fits all. SNU offers undergraduate degree and graduate degree programs with flexible schedules to meet the demands of your busy lifestyle. Attend evening, or online classes so you can keep up with home life and work life without putting your education on pause. And with campuses located within Tulsa and near Oklahoma City, you won’t have to travel far after graduation to find the career of your dreams.

Learn more about SNU’s course offerings and the financial aid options that may be available to you. The career of your dreams is just around the corner.

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