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Stress Management for Adult Students

woman, sitting at laptopGuess what? Going to school and working and keeping up with your responsibilities is going to be tough. You might get overwhelmed.

But guess what else? There are hundreds of stress management techniques for students that will help you through the grind. Unmanaged stress is costly. Allowing the pressure to build and your anxiety to run rampant will affect your mental and physical health, and the quality of your production.

Regain control over each precious hour of your day with these life-enhancing  time management tips for adult students.

1. Manage your time.

Having a game plan in place to make the most of your day is going to make managing your stress more effective. Knowing what you need to get done, how long it will take, and when you’re going to commit to completing it will keep your stress levels as low as they can be. You’re still going to be juggling responsibilities, and you’re still going to feel pressure to perform to the best of your abilities, but sticking to that schedule will keep you balanced.

2. Learn the best ways to relax.

If you haven’t already figured out what calms and re-energizes you, now would be a great time to learn. Find a couple big ways and several small ways to ease your stress and decompress. Don’t wait until you’re in between courses to relax. Commit to regular, consistent self-maintenance.

3. Don’t sweat the little things.

One of the best lessons learned in life is to be a duck. Allow the small stuff to roll off your back. Do not let the nuances of a group project or showing up 10 minutes late to a test ruin your attitude or impact your stress levels. Focus on what you can control.

4. Be positive.

The one thing that will wreck your stress management faster than anything else is negativity. Be positive by giving yourself affirmations about how awesome and inspirational you are. You’re a working adult and you’re going to school. You’re bettering yourself and furthering your education. Never get down on yourself for making the choice to take the hard road.

5. Avoid extreme reactions.

We’ve all been there. We’ve blown up, bottomed out, gotten way too happy and way too sad. Human emotions are a fascinating thing. It’s wonderful that we can experience such a variety of feelings. But don’t let stress cause you to move from frustrated to angry. Don’t allow your temporary circumstances cause you to cascade into turmoil. Maintain an even keel, work hard and enjoy the ride.

Stress doesn’t have to dictate your life or your college experience. Don’t allow the pressures decrease your ability to complete your coursework to the best of your ability. You can find a healthy balance while working and going to school. And you’ll do great!

time management for adult students

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