Can you Earn a Doctorate Degree Online?

College programs for adults often offer online-only learning, even at the doctorate level. You might be wondering if an online degree can meet these standards, and the answer is a resounding yes — especially if you choose an accredited school with brick-and-mortar learning options, like SNU. Most employers now happily accept online degrees, and when you attend a traditional school online, your employer may not even know you earned your degree remotely. 

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How College Programs for Adults Differ from Traditional Programs

A generation ago, college was an immediate post-high school step reserved for young people hoping to get a great start in the world. Now, more and more adults recognize the value of starting or completing a college degree. 

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How to Consolidate Your Student Debt After Graduation

The typical college graduate pays $393 per month in loans after graduation. Students who attend expensive colleges, who take longer to graduate, or who get multiple loans over many years may end up paying much more. But that’s not to say it isn’t worth it—a college degree is almost always a path to higher earnings. Graduates can expect a median weekly income increase of $415 compared to people who attend but do not graduate college and $502 compared to those with just a high school diploma. 

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Top 10 Gifts for Adult Students

College enrollment among adults is rapidly increasing. Chances are you know someone who’s going back to school—maybe even your spouse or child. Showing appreciation to that adult student in your life for working hard to better their life and professional opportunities can go a long way. Whether it’s for the holiday season, a special birthday, or just because you care, the right gift tells your loved one you’re thinking about their needs and investing in their happiness. Rather than sending a gift basket or shopping the sale aisle at the last minute, try taking some time to weigh which gifts might improve your loved one’s quality of life. 

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8 Ways Adult Students Can Stay Motivated in the Face of Adversity

The choice to return to school as an adult student is life-affirming and potentially life-changing. It’s a vote for your future, for yourself, and for your power to shape your circumstances. Yet, adversity affects us all sooner or later.

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8 Lessons Adult Students Learned While Studying from Home

The COVID-19 pandemic quickly turned the things many of us take for granted—going to the doctor, attending a birthday party, sending the kids to daycare—into high-risk activities that could make others sick. And seemingly overnight, our worlds were turned upside down. 

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Why a Recession Is a Perfect Time to Restart Your Career

A little over a decade ago, the Great Recession left the economy in ruins and destroyed many financial futures. And although that recession passed, the shock waves it initiated continue to reverberate in individual lives. One in three Americans still have not recovered from the recession. The hardest hit Americans continue to be those with the least education. 

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What Can You Do with an Organizational Leadership Degree?

Whether you’re hoping to make a career change, eager to climb the corporate ladder at your current organization, or simply interested in finishing your degree, an organizational leadership degree is an ideal option that opens versatile career doors. 

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16 Essential Apps Every Adult Student Needs to Download

Returning to school offers a great bargain: spend a few years invested in learning new material, and emerge a more competitive member of the job marketplace. 

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14 Great Podcasts for Business Students

You’ll get what you put into your business degree. Invest plenty of time and effort, and you’ll graduate as a well-rounded student who is prepared to manage both the technical and relational aspects of business. 

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