6 Jobs Worth Going Back to School for in 2021

First-time college students enroll in school for many reasons: to learn, to meet new people, to get away from their parents, to finally feel like adults. Their approach to picking a major can be just as haphazard. They may focus on interesting classes or the ability to have compelling debates rather than which jobs will make them the most employable at graduation. 

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What Jobs Can You Hold with a Cybersecurity Degree

The COVID-19 crisis has moved more of our lives over to digital platforms than ever before—and the cybersecurity industry is booming as a result. Medical appointments, therapy, and even elementary school classes got a quick makeover. The convenience of learning, seeking medical treatment, and undertaking other basic activities at home will not wane when the coronavirus crisis does. This presents a powerful opportunity to criminals who would steal personal information and invade privacy. Cybersecurity experts are on the frontlines of the fight to protect our most personal information. 

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Why a Degree in Cybersecurity Is More Relevant Than Ever

Cyber crime is big business. In the first half of 2019, data breaches released 4.1 billion records, exposing millions of consumers and businesses to identify theft, misappropriated resources, scams, and more. 

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The Greatest Obstacles to Graduation (And How to Overcome Them)

Returning to college as an adult learner turns the page to the next chapter of your life. Graduation can mean access to more and better jobs, higher earnings, and more financial security—particularly during recessions and other economic disasters. That doesn’t mean the path to completing your degree is always easy or free of twists and turns. Here are the greatest barriers to graduation and what you can do to surmount them. 

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How SNU-Tulsa Helps Students Get Degrees

Going back to school for your degree can be an amazing investment in your future and help you develop professionally. Many students in Northeast Oklahoma choose SNU-Tulsa as the location to earn their degree, and successfully graduate, even when other options haven't been successful in the past. Here are some ways that SNU-Tulsa helps students succeed on their path to graduation.

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What You Learn with an Organizational Leadership Degree

Adult students have a unique approach to education, as they see it as an investment in their future with a specific and measurable outcome. “I put in this much, and I hope to receive this much in return.” When considering an Organizational Leadership degree, you may be wondering how it will apply to future career opportunities and how it will help you grow as an individual. 

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How a Bachelor’s Degree Boosts Earning Potential

With the financial pressure of raising a family and enjoying life’s comforts in today’s world, some people have to take on extra jobs or “side hustles” to earn more money. (Thirteen million, according to the 2013 US Census.) Instead of spending more time hustling, why not make the hours you spend at work worth more? Everyone has the same 24 hours in the day, and you want the eight (or more) you spend away from your family or hobbies to be as valuable as possible. 

One way you can increase your earning potential is by earning a college degree. College graduates often see a boost in salary after graduation, due to a variety of factors.

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How to Use Prior Learning to Graduate with Your Bachelor’s Sooner

Returning to school as an adult can feel a bit like traveling back in time. Adult learners, however, often bring much different life trajectories and experiences to their education than do traditional college students. You may have worked a rewarding career, raised a family, served your country, and learned how to balance the many competing challenges of adulthood. The wisdom these experiences offer matters. 

Prior learning—including both college education and real-world experiences—makes you smarter and more thoughtful. It sharpens your ability to correctly identify and solve a problem. It can also help you graduate faster, and for less money. 

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Why You Should Finish Your Bachelor's Degree

There’s never been a better time to be working toward your bachelor’s degree. Think about it. When have there been so many options and opportunities to fit education into your lifestyle? Not only are there thousands of schools across the country, there’s also the opportunity to take courses online. There aren’t many excuses as to why you shouldn’t complete your bachelor’s degree.

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How to Choose Your Major

Choosing a major isn’t like picking out a pair of shoes you can return if they don’t fit right. Depending on how far you are into your degree program, changing majors can mean extra coursework, extra expenses, and extra time before graduation.

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