What Can You Do with an Organizational Leadership Degree?

Whether you’re hoping to make a career change, eager to climb the corporate ladder at your current organization, or simply interested in finishing your degree, an organizational leadership degree is an ideal option that opens versatile career doors. 

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What Makes a Good Police Officer?

Starting a career as a police officer can be exciting, invigorating, and even a little bit intimidating.  We reached out to existing police officers, including Dr. Patrick Calhoun who has 24 years experience with the Tulsa Police Department, and asked them what they thought is required to succeed in this profession. As you prepare for a meaningful career protecting the safety of others, consider how you can improve your skills and provide the best service possible.

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How to Tell if a Doctorate Degree is Right for You

Enrollment in doctoral programs has steadily increased as students pursue deeper understanding, better job opportunities, and higher wages. For many students, a doctorate offers a path to life in academia. Forty-nine percent of people who complete doctorates work in higher education. Even if a life in higher education isn’t for you, doctoral training can make you a more attractive job candidate in virtually any field. 

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8 Careers You Can Have with a Doctor of Education in Administration and Leadership Degree

A career in education offers great stability because students will always need qualified teachers. In the 21st century, Americans are becoming more educated than ever, with nine out of 10 new jobs in 2018 going to those with college degrees. This opens new doors to people who want to teach in institutions of higher learning, as well as those who want to ensure younger students are ready for college. 

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7 Benefits of an MBA That Will Make You Want to Enroll Today

An MBA can catapult your earnings, possibly into six figures and beyond. A study of graduates who got their degrees between 2009 and 2018 found an average salary bump of $36,472 for mean earnings of $116,248.

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How Going Back to School Prepares You to Be a Leader

Gaining a leadership role is a great way to increase your impact on an organization and grow your earning potential. If you’ve been working and have the experience, furthering your education could be another way to set yourself apart from the competition.

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