The Support and Flexibility You Need to Earn a Degree

We know what you’re thinking. How could I possibly add a degree program to everything else I have going on? You’re busy — and “busy” might be an understatement.. Demanding jobs. A young kid or two. Trying to maintain friendships and community. Caretaking for loved ones. Those unfinished projects around the house. Health challenges. A global pandemic. All of these things are probably what come to mind when you think about completing a degree.

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How SNU-Tulsa Helps Students Get Degrees

Going back to school for your degree can be an amazing investment in your future and help you develop professionally. Many students in Northeast Oklahoma choose SNU-Tulsa as the location to earn their degree, and successfully graduate, even when other options haven't been successful in the past. Here are some ways that SNU-Tulsa helps students succeed on their path to graduation.

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8 Essential College Survival Tips for Adult Students

Returning to school after a long break from higher education is not for the faint of heart. You’ll need to balance the usual school challenges—communicating with professors, understanding course demands, meeting deadlines, and getting to know other students—with the many obstacles an already busy adult life presents. You may have less time with your kids or spouse, spend more time at the computer or away from home, or get less sleep. You’ll likely have less free time. 

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What a Degree from a Christian College Says to Employers

Career advancement is the primary reason adult students go back to college. When researching future schools and their programs, savvy students make sure the program they want is available and look for indications that they’ll receive a quality education by reviewing coursework, expected outcomes, faculty background and accreditation.

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How a Christian Education Strengthens Leadership

It’s imperative to offer intangible skills on your resume and to position yourself to be a valuable and desirable employee. Christian leadership skills and values can set you apart from the rest. You can advance your skills at Christian universities in ways you can’t at other schools. Here’s why.

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5 Reasons to Go to College in Tulsa

Southern Nazarene University’s location in Tulsa has helped countless students earn their bachelor’s and master’s degrees, all with a convenient schedule that works for working adults. With so many options to attend online universities, why study in Tulsa? We have a few great reasons.

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Why Accelerated Courses Work for Adults

It’s Tuesday afternoon, you’ve worked eight(+) hours, dropped the children off at the sitters, and you’re eating a quick bite before going to school to finish your degree. The last thing you need is to juggle even more than you already are. Sound familiar?

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Why Going Back to College is Only One Way to Make More Money

Living paycheck to paycheck is never something any little boy and girl dreams of when they look to adulthood. It’s not even the situation that we, as adults, hope for. So how do you position yourself to thrive and stop simply surviving?

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Student Success Series: How to Ask for Help

When you’re an adult and have lived through career changes, children being born, supporting parents, and all the ups and downs of life, it can be hard to be a beginner again. However, going back to school presents challenges that can’t always be struggled through with grit. Sometimes, asking for help is the best option. To make reaching out a little less painful, we’ve collected some of our favorite tips.

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How to Land a Career in Sports Management

There’s more to athletics than the fans and the players. If there weren’t professionals to market the team or player, connect the fanbase to the athlete, sell the tickets, and oversee office operations, athletic associations and leagues would cease to exist.

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