COVID-19’s Impact on Your Long-Term Career Goals

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed what many of us once took for granted. Some people were (or still are) struggling to find a job amidst furloughs and layoffs. Others who were lucky enough to keep their jobs had to adjust to a remote work environment while juggling family responsibilities. On top of all of this hardship remains the underlying uncertainty regarding the health and well-being of one’s self, family and loved ones.

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6 Jobs Worth Going Back to School for in 2021

First-time college students enroll in school for many reasons: to learn, to meet new people, to get away from their parents, to finally feel like adults. Their approach to picking a major can be just as haphazard. They may focus on interesting classes or the ability to have compelling debates rather than which jobs will make them the most employable at graduation. 

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13 Ways Your Phone Can Be a Valuable On-the-Go Study Tool

The lifestyle of an adult student can feel a bit like that of a squirrel—endlessly bouncing from one thing to another, tending quickly to one task only to anxiously run to the other, hoping not to have forgotten anything vital. It’s no wonder, then, that a squirrel-like attention span also seems to come with the territory, especially when you get down-time. You might feel tempted to waste your time in a doctor’s waiting room scanning social media or endlessly refreshing your email. The truth is, though, that your smartphone is a potent study tool. 

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The Greatest Obstacles to Graduation (And How to Overcome Them)

Returning to college as an adult learner turns the page to the next chapter of your life. Graduation can mean access to more and better jobs, higher earnings, and more financial security—particularly during recessions and other economic disasters. That doesn’t mean the path to completing your degree is always easy or free of twists and turns. Here are the greatest barriers to graduation and what you can do to surmount them. 

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14 Great Podcasts for Business Students

You’ll get what you put into your business degree. Invest plenty of time and effort, and you’ll graduate as a well-rounded student who is prepared to manage both the technical and relational aspects of business. 

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7 Tips for Setting Realistic Long-Term Career Goals

Setting goals may be the secret ingredient in the recipe for long-term success. In fact, one Harvard Business study found that the 3 percent of MBA graduates who wrote down their goals ended up earning ten times as much as the other 97 percent combined, ten years after graduation. 

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Five FREE Time Management Tools for Adult Students

The time management strategies you choose in college can make or break your college experience. Between work, school, and other obligations, such as tending to the kids or keeping the house clean, you may feel there’s not enough time in your day to get it all done. Fortunately, there are many free time management tools available that not only can help keep you organized amidst the chaos, but also save you tons of time as well.  

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5 Ways to Maintain Job Stability During a Recession

The economy, much like the weather, never stays in a single state permanently. Yet it’s easy to panic when the economy is bad, or to lull yourself into a false sense of security when it’s good. Rest assured, no matter what things are doing now, something will be different a year from now—and perhaps very different in a decade. The right career can offer considerable job stability, even during a recession. 

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How to Connect with Classmates in an Online Degree Program

Think back to elementary school, high school, or even your prior college experiences. You might not be able to remember much about the daily lessons, or even recall the names of all your teachers. But you almost certainly remember the friends you made. Friendships make life worthwhile. 

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Student Success Series: How to Reset Your State of Mind for Class

An exceptional education can prepare you for a great career, and even arm you with skills you’ll use in your family or personal life. School prepares you for the real world, but it’s also a unique universe all its own. The right mindset is a key ingredient in the recipe for student success. If you want to thrive when you return to school, you must be prepared to tackle your classes head-on, even if you’re juggling numerous other responsibilities. 

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