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10 TED Talks That Anyone Pursuing Their Degree Should Watch

Higher education opens doors to better earnings, a higher quality of life and a career that reflects your values. However, if getting a degree was easy, everyone would do it. Returning to college can upend your schedule and routine, requiring significant planning and a willingness to be flexible. 

Why is higher education important? Is an online degree worth it? What does the future hold? If you find yourself contemplating these questions on a long drive, you’re not alone. Rather than sitting alone with your thoughts, consider listening to some of the world’s great thinkers discuss these topics. The right TED Talk can inspire you to think more deeply, offer practical tips for success and model exceptional communication. Check out these top eleven TED Talks anyone pursuing their degree should watch. 

1. The Cost of Work Stress—and How to Reduce It

We all suffer from the sickness of busyness, and many of us endeavor to feel busy to feel important. This fuels an endless cycle of work stress that makes us less effective and erodes our joy. In this talk, Rob Cooke talks about the cost of stress and inspires us to take bold action to reduce it. This is a great TED Talk to listen to as you consider what you want your own career life to look like.

2. How to Gain Control of Your Free Time

Succeeding in school and life is about using your time wisely. We all get the same 168 hours per week. Why do some of us feel we have so much less time and little control over that time? It’s all about how you use your free time, according to Laura Vanderkam. Learn how to better use your time to live the life you want. 

3. The Philosophy of Time Management

Time is the stuff of life. It’s the most precious asset we have. So why do we waste so much of it? The right time management philosophy will leave you spending less time on time management tools and more time enjoying your life and expanding your purpose. Brad Aeon is here to help you make the most of the time you have left. 

4. Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are

Have you ever wondered how two different people who say the same thing can get such vastly different reactions? According to Amy Cuddy, it’s all due to body language and the subtle messages it conveys. You may not be aware of the messages you’re conveying, and that’s a bad thing. Learn how spending a few minutes in front of the mirror each day can support increased success, improved relationships and more. 

5. Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator

Procrastination feels inevitable. We all do it from time to time. But procrastination burns through time — our most precious asset. What’s behind this self-destructive phenomenon, and how can you rein it in? Tim Urban is here to coach you through making full use of your time — no procrastination required. 

6. The Secret to Student Success

Succeeding begins with defining what success means to you. Is it good grades? Meaningful professional connections? Timely graduation? If you think success is a reflection of innate ability, you’re wrong, no matter how you define success. With the right approach, all students can become more successful. Arel Moodie teaches you how. 

7. How to Make Stress Your Friend

Stress feels awful, and chronic stress is terrible for you. You know this already, but somehow nothing has changed. Life is stressful, and we don’t always have as much control over our circumstances as we would like. However, stress can also be your friend. It affords plenty of opportunities for growth and evolution. Kelly McGonigal will teach you how to befriend your stress. 

8. How to Save the World (or at Least Yourself) From Bad Meetings

You will spend a lot of your life in meetings, and this will probably begin in school. Meetings offer a powerful opportunity to grow, collaborate and learn. Unfortunately, they’re often a waste of time. People leave them feeling demoralized and frustrated rather than inspired. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Learn from David Grady how to make meetings better. If you’re planning a management career, mastering meetings could be the difference between becoming an exceptional leader and a mediocre one. 

9. All It Takes Is Ten Mindful Minutes

Productivity doesn’t necessarily mean doing something all the time. In fact, 10 minutes of mindfulness each day can supercharge your academic performance, your thinking and your success. It can also help you better manage your stress. Learn how to put 10 minutes of mindfulness to work for you with Andy Puddicombe. 

10. 3 Reasons You Aren’t Doing What You Say You Will Do 

Why is it so hard to make our actions match our goals and values? And why do we so often fall short? Amanda Crowell is here to help you understand what’s going on so you can adopt better habits and live your best life. Mastering commitment and meeting your obligations can help you get better grades, improve relationships and more. 

Succeeding in Higher Education: Your School Matters 

Your success depends on your environment, and the right school builds an environment that welcomes adult learners, blends rigor and flexibility and supports students to achieve their dreams. SNU does all these things and more. 

We’re here for you! Visit our blog to learn more about succeeding in higher education and beyond. 

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