What a Degree from a Christian College Says to Employers


front gates of Southern Nazarene UniversityCareer advancement is the primary reason adult students go back to college. When researching future schools and their programs, savvy students make sure the program they want is available and look for indications that they’ll receive a quality education by reviewing coursework, expected outcomes, faculty background and accreditation.

Another characteristic students should consider is whether the institution offers a curriculum framed by Christian world-views. Such an education not only presents the opportunity to learn the teachings of Christ, but can also elevate graduates’ achievements in the eyes of potential employers.

Here are the five characteristics a Christian education says you have to future employers:

You have practiced critical thinking skills

The coursework at a Christian university prepares you for leadership by presenting hard questions that require you to look beyond obvious answers to discover layers of meaning and arrive at conscientious, often innovative solutions. The regular examination of real-world and spiritual issues as part of the analytical process develops complex thought processes help develop leadership abilities.

In addition, potential employers will know that an education from a Christian university means you are committed to learning about and integrating the things that are valuable to you, which is a true mark of a leader.

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Ethics are important to you

Employers will know that you chose to integrate ethical teachings into your education when you had the option to graduate from a non-Christian university. The academic journey at colleges like SNU includes studying the practical and philosophical components of ethics to help students incorporate them into their decision-making and problem-solving processes.

Compassion and empathy are part of who you are

Key components of the Christian life are treating others with love. As an employee, you’ll express godly character and treat every person with respect. You will also express compassion and empathy in situations that require them.

You are service-minded

Another resolute Biblical tenet is being of service to others. Even in a leadership position, as a Christian, you will guide your team as a servant-leader. This supports your team in developing the skills and confidence that will make them valuable employees and team members. Eventually, they will be able to take their place as leaders within the organization.

You are accountable

Like all college graduates, you have the focus and determination to begin a college degree program and finish it successfully. In Christian coursework, you are accountable for more. In addition to ensuring the program requirements are fulfilled, you are required to consider coursework from a Biblical view, ensuring that all solutions are acceptable from both practical and ethical perspectives.

At a Christian college, you’ll not only build the competitive skills and knowledge needed to succeed in a professional capacity, but the inclusion of Christian teachings elevates critical thinking capabilities, accountability and integrity.

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