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Exercise Science is a field that offers a multitude of exciting career possibilities for individuals pursuing a Master's Degree in the subject. At Southern Nazarene University, you can earn your degree entirely online or by attending classes just one night per week. This flexibility allows you to balance your education with other commitments while opening doors to diverse job opportunities. Whether you are interested in clinical settings, human performance, or health promotion, a Master's Degree in Exercise Science equips you with the knowledge and skills to make a positive impact on individuals' lives and the community as a whole.

Exercise Science provides some exciting opportunities for individuals interested in cardiac rehabilitation as exercise physiologists.  Folks interested in becoming clinical exercise physiologists will find growing job opportunities in Cardiac Rehabilitation and Cardiac stress testing.  The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projected a faster-than-average growth rate of 11% through 2029 for individuals who want to work clinically.   

Some of the duties of an exercise physiologist include:  

  1. Helping Individuals in Understanding their Care and Recovery Plan: Exercise physiologists serve as a bridge between medical professionals and patients, making sure patients have a good understanding of their care and recovery plan. It’s much more than just prescribing exercises; it’s becoming a recovery partner as you take the time to explain the purpose behind each recommendation and its specific benefits for the patient’s recovery.  This personal and hands-on approach helps individuals understand the importance of exercise in their overall health and even helps them to prioritize and commit to their recovery journey.

  2. Designing New Exercise Programs and Helping Patients to Adjust to Lifestyle Changes: Exercise physiologists are skilled in designing tailored exercise programs that meet each patient's unique needs and goals. But these exercise programs often go beyond the immediate recovery phase and extend into long-term lifestyle changes. By providing patients with the necessary tools, strategies, and encouragement to adopt healthier habits, exercise physiologists contribute to the overall health of their patients and reduce the risk of future health complications.

  3. Educating Patients on Nutrition and Exercise Post-Recovery: In addition to helping patients implement recovery exercises, Exercise Physiologists serve a very important role in educating patients about proper nutrition and exercise post-recovery. A well-rounded approach to rehabilitation includes not only physical activity but also a balanced diet to support optimal healing, recovery, and long-term wellness. Patients who receive nutritional education and support are far more likely to make lifestyle changes that will impact their overall health long-term. 

The human performance aspects of exercise science can also lead to great careers while helping others achieve optimal fitness and wellness.  The expansion of job opportunities while working with elite, college and university, and high school athletes is also noted by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Specialized certifications in personal training, strength, and conditioning, nutrition coaching, or corrective exercise are offered by various organizations and are great for expanding your employment opportunities.  But having a Master’s degree in Exercise Science opens the door to higher-paying jobs and even teaching opportunities in colleges and universities.

Health promotion is another avenue to use your Master’s degree in Exercise Science.  Collaborating with community partners to improve the health of a diverse population can be very rewarding.   Besides cultural differences, you would be able to impress the importance of healthy eating and exercise for children and promote wellness and healthy aging.  Health promotion provides employment opportunities with public health departments and organizations like the American Cancer Society and American Diabetes Association.

Obtaining a Master's Degree in Exercise Science can lead you toward a rewarding and fulfilling career path. With growing job opportunities projected in clinical settings, such as cardiac rehabilitation and stress testing, you can serve as an exercise physiologist, bridging the gap between medical professionals and patients. Additionally, you can explore careers in human performance, working with athletes at various levels, or in health promotion, collaborating with community partners to enhance the well-being of diverse populations. By pursuing this advanced degree, you open doors to higher-paying positions, teaching opportunities, and employment with organizations dedicated to promoting health and wellness. The doors open for individuals with a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science.

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