Behind SNU's New Logo


SNU initials logo with 1899In his weekly newsletter, SNU President Keith Newman expressed the importance of brands, both visually and personally.

“As I reflect upon the Apostle Paul’s in Colossians 1:15,” he wrote, “I am reminded that each of us, in our words, our actions, our attitudes, provide a visual image of SNU and ultimately of what it means to be a Christ-follower.”

A good logo can represent a company and stand out in viewers’ minds. Organizations like Coca Cola, Nike, and Apple have created memorable symbols that stand the test of time and competition.

An important aspect of the university’s strategic plan is making sure its brand reflects where the University is today and the direction it is going. This year, SNU’s creative team undertook a massive project of updating the University’s logo. Hundreds and hundreds of hours were invested to make the new logo appealing to current and prospective students as well as alumni.

The new logo is meant to reflect SNU’s long history as a place of higher education, but also its push to stay current and relevant as times change. It is currently on display on social media, and over time will be included in written communications.

As always, we look forward to continuing to serve our students and working to make SNU a great place to attend school.