SNU Students Share How They Chose Their Degrees


two people giving a high fiveWe reached out to our students and asked them how they landed on their college major. Here are a few of their answers!

  • It makes up a big part of the field I would like to go into after I leave the military.
  • I want to continue to work with children in the healthcare.
  • I wanted a competitive degree in an economy where it will always be in some kind of demand.
  • It was the best fit for what I would like to do in the future!
  • I chose the MBA because a master’s is the new bachelor’s. It is no longer enough to have a bachelor’s degree. Lots of companies are looking for someone with a master’s or is at least a year into a master’s program.
  • I wanted to learn about entrepreneurship and have the ability to gain more knowledge and wisdom. I want to be a savvy businesswoman and an exceptional teammate. Thank you, Father for ordering my steps!
  • It seemed to be the best choice, so that I can have better options for a new job when I graduate.
  • To advance my career potential and pay raise.
  • To create a path for future generations that have been told they can't achieve anything or won't be successful in life.
  • To aid my ability to do my primary job and be proactive in the use of my VA benefits.
  • I chose the Organizational Leadership degree program, because of the versatility of its use. When I began this program, I really do not know what I wanted to do after graduation. Organizational Leadership carries many facets of business and management that I will be able to use regardless of which career field I got into.

If you’re feeling inspired to go back to school, reach out to our advisors by emailing or calling 888-SNU-GRAD.

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