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5 Reasons to Enroll in an Online Degree Program

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Technology has revolutionized the face of college education for working adult students. There are now more options than ever before. This is a prime time to take advantage of these opportunities and change your “someday’s” into “today’s”.

So why should you choose to enroll in online courses? Easy.

1. Convenience and flexibility

In an online class, you can learn at your own pace. Schedule a time that works for you—whether it’s two in the morning or four in the afternoon—to log-in for courses and to complete your assignments. Additionally, you can break your learning into bite-size chunks instead of attending a class that could last hours.

Your first decision in the game of college—should you take an online or  in-person degree program? Use this infographic to check out each path before  you commit.

2. Comfortable learning environment

Who doesn’t love the freedom learning and working at home? Or outside or the local coffee shop? But that’s not the kind of comfort we’re talking about here. For some, large classroom settings can be intimidating.

In online classes, the playing field is leveled. Students can freely comment on posts, videos, and student work or participate in class in a comfortable environment. Even though you’re not face to face with the other students, online courses offer a wide variety of outlets to share thoughts and ideas.

3. Continue real-life routine

Learning at your own pace and being unbound from commuting to campus for lecture - it’s golden. You can reach your goals without having to put everything in your life on hold. You can log-in and complete all your work in one shot, or in small pieces as time allows. You don’t have to worry about missing bedtime for the little ones or taking time off work because you need to attend a lecture.

4. Independence

There’s something to be said for working through complex ideas and new thought processes with a due date looming. Independent learning places more accountability on you. You’re in charge and can take as much or as little time as you need to master the skills and material in your class.

5. Growth opportunities

Honing your skills and increasing your knowledge boosts your earning potential. The fact is, college graduates earn more money over the course of their careers. Online learning may afford you the opportunity to finally get that job you’ve always wanted and not settle for second best.

If you’re interested in pursuing your education with the flexibility online classes can give you, connect with our advising staff today by emailing or calling 888-SNU-GRAD! We’d appreciate the opportunity to work with you to get you started on this journey.

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