Best Fall Study Spots


Best Fall Study SpotsFall always brings a little bit of magic with it. Don’t let your busy schedule and studies keep you from fully experiencing it! Switching up your study spot a bit can help you enjoy the season as well as stay productive!

Coffee Shop

Odds are you’ve already studied at a coffee-shop and it’s one of our go-tos for a good ambiance, free wifi, and delicious treats! This fall, enjoy a notorious pumpkin spice latte, a hot cider, or even a hot chocolate while working toward your goals.

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The library is another tried-and-true study spot. Something about being surrounded by knowledge and other studious students is inspiring. It’s also a perfect spot to enjoy fall days. Sit near a window and watch the leaves change outside, plus stay indoors for a well-lit, quiet place to study during the shortening days.


Take it one step further and bring your notes to the local park. You won’t have wifi, but you can use your phone to set up a hotspot or bring your notes and textbook so you will be online distraction-free. This is a great way to make sure you’re getting some time outdoors and making the most of the beautiful weather! Plus, if you have younger children, they will love playing outside with you nearby to catch some of their tricks. 


With some of the biggest holidays coming up, you might want to rededicate yourself to your fitness goals! That doesn’t have to take away from your studies. Most gyms have free wifi and a lobby area where you can sit with your computer and class materials to squeeze in some extra learning. This will save your time on the commute, and no one in the gym will give you strange looks if you’re sweaty or dressed in workout clothes!

A Friend’s House

Why not have a fall study gathering to get some homework done? Studying together can be a great way to build lasting relationships with your classmates while leaning on each other’s understanding of the content. You can make a large batch of apple cider or use a crock pot hot cocoa recipe, sit around the kitchen table, and enjoy a time of fellowship and camaraderie while working toward your goals together!


Several restaurants have great free wifi and are willing to have students stay and study as long as they are also purchasing food and drinks! Since many restaurants only serve soups in the fall, take advantage of the selection, make yourself comfortable, and indulge while studying!

The Mall

Long gone are the days of meeting up in the mall to hang out in with friends, but maybe we should bring that back! Most malls have a large food court area with plenty of seating where you could run some errands, maybe even get some holiday shopping in, grab some snacks, and hang out for a quick study session.

Wherever you choose to study this fall, make sure you’re not sacrificing your peace of mind or mental health for a few extra percentage points! You will be your happiest and most productive when you are blending what you enjoy about life--and fall--with your goals. You can do this.

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