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The Support and Flexibility You Need to Earn a Degree

We know what you’re thinking. How could I possibly add a degree program to everything else I have going on? You’re busy — and “busy” might be an understatement.. Demanding jobs. A young kid or two. Trying to maintain friendships and community. Caretaking for loved ones. Those unfinished projects around the house. Health challenges. A global pandemic. All of these things are probably what come to mind when you think about completing a degree.

But believe it or not, your list of “reasons why not” describes so many of SNU’s adult students. Those things don’t disqualify you. It’s actually the common ground you’ll share with the other students in your cohort. And not only that, but our programs are specifically designed to accommodate the demands and rhythms of busy, working adults. From every angle, you’ll have the support and understanding you need to manage a full life while you work on your degree.

Flexible degree programs

Whether you want to take classes online or in-person at one of our three campuses, SNU offers flexible options to fit your schedule. Eager for the classroom learning environment but don’t feel like you can squeeze it in? Our in-person classes are just one night a week, making it a manageable commitment without disrupting your life. And as we journey through the COVID-19 pandemic, students have the option to join via Zoom. If you want even more flexibility, our 100% online option allows you to do your coursework wherever, whenever. There’s nothing keeping you from arranging your schedule however is best. Plus, with so many ways to stay virtually connected to your cohort and professors, you don’t have to sacrifice community for convenience.

SNU’s adult programs also follow an accelerated format, meaning you can earn your degree faster from start to finish. Gone are the days of being in school for years on end no matter the program. Designed with you in mind, we’ve fast-tracked our programs to deliver a high quality education at a pace that’s quick but manageable. And with multiple start dates throughout the year, you can enroll whenever it’s most convenient for you. Don’t wait for the next fall season to roll around.

Life is tough, but so are you

We understand that you’re not just a student, you’re a whole person. Over the course of your degree program, life will inevitably happen — the good, the hard and everything in between. As you consider enrolling, it’s easy to wonder what challenges might be ahead of you, and how you’d handle those on top of school. The truth is, we all have those challenges, and you never truly know what’s coming.

But at SNU, we build in a support system, because you shouldn’t have to forfeit academic success, no matter what life throws at you. From your initial application all the way to graduation day, our dedicated staff are here to support you every step of the way — enrollment counselors, academic advisors, financial aid counselors, and program directors. Not to mention the classmates that make up your cohort. There’s nothing like the comradery of fellow students who are going through the same thing.

Among this army of support are two key people who meet you exactly where you are: your student success advisor and SNU’s full-time chaplain.

Whether you have a question about which classes you ought to take, registration deadlines, or who you need to email about financial aid — your student success advisor is ready and able to help. The logistics of being an adult student can feel overwhelming, but you won’t be alone. That advisor is there to boil down the complexities into clear and helpful info.

And as our students journey through life’s ups and downs, SNU’s chaplain is there to offer spiritual support and guidance. Learning and growing doesn’t happen in an academic vacuum. Your spiritual life is interconnected as you seek to steward your career and your intellectual growth. We recognize that and want you to thrive in every aspect of your life. Having the unique support of a chaplain can help you stay centered and encouraged as you earn your degree.

Grounded in Christian faith

In a world that feels increasingly volatile, we believe in the importance of being anchored to something bigger than ourselves. We seek to know the love and ongoing work of Christ that brings good to the world. It’s the persistent force of hope in the face of trials. It’s what binds us together in community. It’s what enables us to keep going. We desire for all our students to know this truth and be carried by it. Pursuing your education is not a separate endeavor from your spiritual walk. We believe God is at work through you as you learn, grow and transform your corner of the world.

When you’re facing trials in life—or even just challenging yourself by earning a degree—it’s the inspiration of something greater that provides the perseverance you need. And that doesn’t just go for students who identify as Christian. We value all members of our faith community, whether they are Christian, belong to another faith, or have no faith at all. You will be welcome here, no matter what path you walk.

Earning a degree in a pandemic era

Perhaps the biggest obstacle you can think of is the COVID-19 pandemic—the one you thought would be over by now but continues to disrupt what’s normal. This moment in history has turned planning and predictability into something scarcely found. So you might be thinking, now is not the time to earn a degree.

But, what if it is? In fact, what if it’s actually the perfect time? Our schedules, our ideas about what’s possible and normal—all of that has been turned upside down. And so many of us are finding ourselves with more margin in our daily life than ever before in the absence of commutes, in-person errands and events, and so on. What if you took advantage of this unusual time and did something new? In a season where the future is so uncertain, it’s important to grab hold of what you can predict. An adult degree program can give you the structure, achievable goals and community you need right now. And not even a pandemic can stop you from having those things. SNU students can attend on-campus programs virtually just one night a week, or choose a program that’s 100% online.

You have what it takes

Fitting a degree program in your life has never been easier. There will always be reasons to keep putting it off. But with built-in support from SNU and a determined focus to reach your goals, you have what it takes. When it comes to balancing a busy life, you don’t have to compromise. Choose a university that enables you to live life more fully with a degree program you can manage.


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