Finding Time to Breathe This Lent


When do you ever find a chance to just breathe? 

With all the responsibilities you have! With all the people who depend on you! Work!!!  Home!!!  Family!!!

And then… on top of all that… going to school… homework… stress...And you keep up that hectic schedule week after week! I wish I had a magic wand that could give each of us an extra hour every week.

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Our Professional and Graduate Studies students here at SNU are some of the hardest working people I know. Any time I ask for a show of hands for all those who were up before 5 a.m., it seems like half the room raises their hands. You guys are amazing!!!!

But you can only stretch a rubber band so much until it snaps!

The most successful people among us have discovered a rhythm to life that includes times of rest and Sabbath that allow us to catch our breath. Jesus understood the importance of finding a rhythm of life. Throughout His ministry, He often invited the disciples to take a break and “come away with me for a while” to pray!

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the Christian season of Lent. Would it be possible this Lenten Season for some of us workaholics to find a time to breathe? To come away?

I don’t mean that we stop doing homework… or skip class to go to the lake… or bail on our responsibilities. But maybe simply turn off the radio when we are driving and celebrate the quiet. Or stop and say a brief prayer before we eat our meal. Or quit multi-tasking long enough to just enjoy a good cup of coffee!

What would a quiet moment of Sabbath Rest look like for you?

time management for adult students

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