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Butterflies in your Tummy

The Worrysaurus
Can I take a moment
   to talk about your children… 
      or maybe your grandchildren…
          or maybe the children in your classroom?   
I was studying in the SNU library recently 
   when I saw a children’s book that caught my attention:
      The Worrysaurus.  
Since my head and heart have been thinking
   about worry and anxiety lately, 
      this book seemed like a good way 
         to procrastinate and not do the work 
            I was actually supposed to be doing.  
              (Do you ever procrastinate like that?)
Last month’s blog mentioned the stunning observation
    that the average child today 
       exhibits the same level of anxiety 
          as the average psychiatric patient of the 1950s.  
              Double Wow!!!!!
Maybe you have a young one in your family 
   who tends to overthink themselves into worry. 
     This children’s book might be a helpful way 
       to create conversations with your young ones
about a topic they may not know how to process.
The Worrysaurus is a story for today's young readers,
   with reassuring, lighthearted text 
     and charming illustrations
       sure to calm the anxious butterflies 
           in any child's tummy. 
With a little help from his mom, 
    Worrysaurus finds a way to soothe the anxious butterflies, 
       chase his fears away, 
          and find peace and happiness in the moment at hand.
This is the perfect book to help
    every little anxious Worrysaurus 
      let go of their fears, 
        and feel happy in the moment at hand! 
The Worrysaurus strikes just the right balance of
   positive, lighthearted, rhyming text
       that can help your child 
          who has a tendency to be over-anxious?
It might even offer some new language
  to talk with your young ones
    about your own butterflies.
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