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Change How You View Problems


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This is the second in a series of articles Chaplain Doug Samples has shared called 10 Decisions for a Positive Attitude. Decision #2 is, "Decide to See Opportunities Instead of Problems." You can view all 10 decisions here.

Do you know the name David Ring?

When David was born in 1953 in Jonesboro, Arkansas, he went 18 minutes with no oxygen to his brain. As a result, David has Cerebral Palsy.

Throughout his life, people have laughed at David for the way he talks with a lisp and walks with a limp. People told him that he would never accomplish anything.

However, in the early 70’s, David had a life-changing experience with Jesus Christ and began to make transformational decisions about life. Instead of seeing his cerebral palsy as a problem, he began to see it as an opportunity!

Now, for almost 50 years, David has traveled across the USA with a challenging message: I’ve got cerebral palsy… What’s your problem? 

(You can watch the “David Ring Life Story” on my YouTube channel for the full story.) Like David, I decided long ago that I don’t have problems. I have opportunities.

In fact, I have decided that our problems are God’s opportunities!

When I face challenging situations in life that I can’t handle, those are either gonna be MY problem to solve or GOD’S opportunity to meet my need in a way that I can’t imagine.

In "Dig Deep," J.C. Watts wrote, “The difficult things you are facing right now will either become an anchor that holds you back or a springboard that launches you farther than you ever dreamed! It all comes down to your attitude!”

The challenges of life are going to come to all of us. There’s no way of escape! But we have a choice as whether these difficulties make us better or make us bitter.

Truth is, while we are fussing about our problems, God is actually at work trying to teach us a hard lesson.

Two weeks into these “Ten Decisions For A Great Attitude,” I need to acknowledge that seeing opportunities rather than problems may come easier to some than others. I would love to hear from those who struggle with this. I have a lot of friends who feel trapped in their depression.

Talk to me.  Tell me how I can make this message better. Help me to see your struggles better.

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