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Contagiously Calm!

Calm under stress


My wife is afraid of heights!    

    Because of her vertigo,

        this picture of a person 

           walking a high wire 

               would stress her out

                   even if the line was straight!

The Empire State Building…

   St. Paul’s Cathedral in London…

       Niagara Falls Lookout…

            Vast Restaurant here in OKC…

These are all real-life experiences

    that have put Cheryl into a panic.


However, when she has both feet planted on terra firma,

    Cheryl is contagiously calm!


Whether it is a second-grade classroom 

     with 28 sugar-infused 8-year-olds

          or a disastrous fire

               caused by her husband… (keep reading!)

my wife has the super-power to bring

    a sense of calm to the most chaotic settings.


Other people seem to live life at 210 degrees!

    If water boils at 212 degrees, 

         some people go through life 

             simmering just below the boiling point.

And it doesn’t take much to put them over the top.

    The least little wobble in the universe sets them off.


You work with some of these people.

     Some of these people are in your family tree!

          Their anxiety and stress drives you nuts

               and destroys the equilibrium of everyone

                   within a 7-mile radius!


Here’s the point of today’s blog:

     YOU may be the contagious calm

          that holds your workplace, your family, 

              your little part of the world together!


As Max Lucado says in his book, Anxious For Nothing,

   “The contagiously calm person is the one

         who reminds others, ‘God is in control.’ 

This is the executive who tells the company, 

    ‘Let’s all do our part; we’ll be okay.’  

This is the leader who sees the challenge, 

     acknowledges it and observes, 

         ‘These are tough times, but we’ll get through them.’”


There’s not enough time to tell the whole story,

     but I almost burned down our church!

           Thankfully, there was more smoke than fire

               but still, our Fellowship Hall was ruined

      and we had a huge 50th Anniversary scheduled

            to take place just four days later!


I was paralyzed!  Total 100% 218-degree explosion!

     Guess who it was who came in

          with her contagiously calm spirit

               and mapped out all the details

                   of moving the anniversary celebration

                        from the Fellowship Hall to the Front Patio?



Some of YOU have the superpower of this

     contagiously calm spirit.

          Thank you for all you do 

              to hold your family together

                   when the toxins hit the fan!

          Thanks for all you do 

               to hold things together at work

                   when everything is falling apart!


People watch you every day!

      They have come to rely on you!

            You bring a calmness

                 that turns down the temperature.

                      You bring peace to our world!


Who is the Contagiously Calm person in your life?

     Who do you rely on to turn down the temperature?

            Maybe today would be a great day to say THANKS!

I don’t know about you but I’m buying flowers for Cheryl on my way home.


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