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Divisiveness in Our Families


Divisiveness in Our Families

By Chaplain Doug Samples


Over the past few years,

    we have had a growing divisiveness in our country. 

I can’t think of a time in my lifetime 

     when there was more discord and disunity than there is today.

It seems like there are forces at work in our culture 

       that celebrate division over harmony.

How many divisions can you name?

  • Republicans vs. Democrats
  • Haves vs. Have nots
  • Blacks vs. Whites
  • Gay vs. Straight
  • Fox vs. CNN
  • Yankees vs. Red Sox
  • In N Out vs. Whataburger
  • OU vs. OSU
  • Mask vs. No Mask
  • Science vs. Religion
  • Star Wars vs. Star Trek

We have always had our differences, 

     but it seems to have become the default move 

        to now immediately emphasize our differences

             to the point of exaggerating our differences!  

      I say light… You say dark.  

           I say stop… You say go.

There is no middle ground anymore.

    If you are in the middle…

        You just get shot at from both sides!!!

It’s one thing to have this divisiveness in our country, 

    but there is a growing fear that this discord and animosity  

         is going to weasel its way into our families 

              and create division within the family!

When we are trying to have a conversation with someone 

       and the conversation begins to head for the extremes…

  You know the drill don’t you?

He takes a shot at you

     You lob a grenade back at you

He throws a bomb at you

     You call for the football and nuke the daylights out of him!

          OR… if we want to be more subtle… “You’re dead to me!”

This. Is. Not. Good!!!!!

    This brings divisiveness to our country…

         … And to our families!

In a culture of division… discord… disagreement… disunity… dissention…

     the Bible invites us to be peacemakers!  

          Blessed are the peacemakers!  (Matthew 5:9)

At some point in time, the peacemaker in any conversation 

has to choose to stop lobbing grenades and throwing bombs. 

The peacemaker understands…

     I can’t change the whole world,   

          But maybe change OUR world!

The peacemaker understands…

     You are not going to change my opinion and 

I am not going to change your opinion. 

    You act in ways that make sense to you and

I act in ways that make sense to me.

So, stop arguing & keep talking

     Stop arguing & accept your differences

          Stop arguing & give each other the benefit of the doubt!

              Stop arguing & look for common ground.

                     Stop arguing & hug it out

Blessed are the peacemakers

     for they will be called the children of God!


If I can pray for you and your family, use this link and let me know how best to pray for you.

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