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Do What You Love with a Master’s in Sport Management & Administration


Looking to take your sports career to the next level? Or maybe you’re looking to ditch the desk job and pivot to something you actually love?

Earning a Master of Arts in Sport Management and Administration opens up a world of opportunity—and it’s not just coaching jobs. At SNU, we’ve dialed in coursework taught by leaders in the field to take you exactly where you want to go.

Don’t waste time at a job that drains you. Don’t spend money on a degree that may sound impressive but leaves you uninspired. With this graduate degree, you’ll learn from and alongside people as passionate about sports as you. And you’ll walk away with hands-on expertise that qualifies you for a wide variety of jobs.

Finding your niche

Whether you want to work as an administrator, program director, or even in events and marketing, you’ll be ready. SNU’s coursework provides a firm understanding of social issues, communications, management, law and more as they apply to athletics.

Top jobs in sport management and administration
  • Accounting or Finance Manager
  • Advertising Sales Director
  • Athletic Coach
  • Athlete Development Specialist
  • Athletic Director
  • Business Development Coordinator
  • Contract Administrator
  • Contract Negotiation Manager
  • Event Coordinator
  • Facilities Manager or Director
  • Fitness Center Manager
  • Fundraising Manager
  • General Manager
  • Guest Services Manager
  • Marketing Consultant
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Media Relations Director
  • Operations Manager
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Sales Coordinator
  • Sport Security Manager
  • Sport Sponsorship Manager
  • Sport Agent
  • Sport Lawyer
  • Sport Executive

The sport industry includes so many professional paths and focus areas. Even social issues, ethics and law—the philosophies behind sports—are important subjects your degree will prepare you for. You’ll learn the management and organizational facets of the sport world, and how to approach leadership, human resources and communication. We’ll take you through sport finance, fundraising and revenue generation. And don’t forget marketing, media relations and production, and branding. No matter your background or what part of the sports universe you’re interested in, this degree equips you with the credibility you need to carve out your career.

Did you know there’s a variety of options for funding your degree besides  loans? Learn more in our new resource, The Complete Guide to Financial Aid.

Get in the game before you even graduate

From tackles on the field to professional connections, the sports world is all about making contact. At SNU, we recognize that a graduate degree in sport management and administration would not be complete without first-hand opportunities to hit the ground running. Networking with other professionals working in athletics and learning more about the industry is crucial. That’s why our students get to choose between a travel option to meet with officials from professional, community and collegiate organizations—or participate in an internship/mentorship to explore and develop skills in revenue generation.

A recent Professional Connections trip took place in Seattle, Washington, as well as Portland and Eugene, Oregon. While traveling in the Pacific Northwest, our students had opportunities like:

  • Connecting with executives from the Portland Trail Blazers
  • Spending a morning at the corporate campus of Nike World Headquarters
  • Visiting with USA Track & Field
  • Touring the facilities at University of Oregon
  • Meeting Seattle Mariners executives at the new T-Mobile Field
  • Watching a Seattle Sounders FC game and touring the field

A graduate of the program, Brittany Hall, said: “We flew to Toronto and met with sports teams. The highlight of the trip was getting to know that there’s more than just coaching.” Just months from graduation, she landed her dream job as the running director for Fields and Futures—a nonprofit in Oklahoma City that builds and repairs fields to create better experiences for high school athletes. Her advice? “Take advantage of everything the program offers.”

Let your passion do the heavy lifting

Let’s be honest—graduate degrees take work. SNU makes them manageable, flexible and realistic for working adults. Still, it requires your energy, time and focus. If you’re going back to school, why not choose a degree that makes you tick? The convenience of SNU’s graduate programs combined with your inner drive and excitement for sports is a powerful formula for reaching your goals—and transforming your career.

A master’s in sport management and administration doesn’t only tap into your natural interests. You’ll likely find that it also brings together many diverse parts of your background—culminating in a collection of skills and expertise that make you a well-rounded sports professional. Some people fear the commitment to a specific discipline that some graduate degrees bring. But with this degree, your world will open up even more and even repurpose experience you thought was irrelevant—from business basics, to interpersonal communication, media production, event marketing and more.

A degree you have time for

Whether you want to take classes online or in-person at one of our two campuses, SNU offers flexible options to fit your schedule. Eager for the classroom learning environment but don’t feel like you can squeeze it in? Our in-person classes are just one night a week, making it a manageable commitment without disrupting your life. And as we journey through the COVID-19 pandemic, students have the option to join via Zoom. If you want even more flexibility, our 100% online option allows you to do your coursework wherever, whenever. There’s nothing keeping you from arranging your schedule however is best. Plus, with so many ways to stay virtually connected to your cohort and professors, you don’t have to sacrifice community for convenience.

SNU’s adult programs also follow an accelerated format, meaning you can earn your degree faster from start to finish. Gone are the days of being in school for years on end no matter the program. Designed with you in mind, we’ve fast-tracked our programs to deliver a high quality education at a pace that’s quick but manageable. And with multiple start dates throughout the year, you can enroll whenever it’s most convenient for you. Don’t wait for the next fall season to roll around.

Fitting a degree program in your life has never been easier. There will always be reasons to keep putting it off. But with built-in support from SNU and a determined focus to reach your goals, you have what it takes.


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Have questions about SNU or need help determining which program is the right fit? Fill out the form and an enrollment counselor will follow-up to answer your questions!

Text With an Enrollment Counselor

Have questions, but want a faster response?  Fill out the form and one of our enrollment counselors will follow-up via text shortly!