How SNU-Tulsa Helps Students Get Degrees


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Going back to school for your degree can be an amazing investment in your future and help you develop professionally. Many students in Northeast Oklahoma choose SNU-Tulsa as the location to earn their degree, and successfully graduate, even when other options haven't been successful in the past. Here are some ways that SNU-Tulsa helps students succeed on their path to graduation.

Convenient Schedule

As a busy adult, you know the importance of timing. If it doesn't fit into your schedule, it isn't happening. That's why classes at SNU-Tulsa take place one night a week at an accelerated pace, so you have the ability to attend class, and fit your homework into the other spaces of your life. The scheduling also helps so you can continue working and being available for your family.

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Flexible Options

In life, we often encounter unexpected obstacles or roadblocks. Flexibility is everything for an adult on the path to a degree. That's why SNU-Tulsa provides as many options for students as possible. With classes taking place one night a week or online and rolling start dates, we are here to help you reach success, even when things stand in the way.

Comfortable Location

The SNU-Tulsa building is conveniently located on South Memorial, just off the Creek Turnpike. It's an easy commute from all over the Tulsa Metro, as well as surrounding areas. Inside the building, there are common areas where you can relax or study if you arrive early, as well as an area with a coffee maker, microwave, and vending machine, so you can grab a meal or quick pick me up between work and class. The classrooms are also well laid out with comfortable seating and plenty of desk space so you can feel comfortable while attending class and opening your mind to new materials.

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Books by Delivery

One of SNU-Tulsa students’ favorite features is the option to have books delivered to their door before the first night of class. Through this textbook subscription service, students can opt into rental or purchase options, which allow books to auto-ship before class starts. Just one less thing to worry about! With this off your plate, you'll have more time to focus on attending class and completing homework as well as managing other important areas of your life.

Programs Designed for Adults

With programs designed specifically for busy adults, you can expect that SNU-Tulsa will meet you where you are. That means the classes are accessible, whether you've been out of the classroom for months or years or if you have a disability. You'll take classes from professors who understand that you are an adult with outside obligations. And you will be challenged to grow both as a professional and as an individual.

Skilled Professors

As mentioned before, the professors at SNU-Tulsa are skilled in working with adult students, but they also have experience in the field that they are teaching. We look specifically for professors with vast amounts of knowledge in the industry, so they can best help you grow. You'll learn from people with hands-on experience and true insight.

Caring Staff

The SNU-Tulsa staff is dedicated to providing a positive experience to all students. That means you'll be met with people who are happy to serve and will help you with any challenges that arise. The entire staff will be like a team behind you, helping you along your way to graduation. As an extension of SNU’s main campus in Bethany, you’ll also have the support of a full-time financial aid department, library services, disability services and more!

Veteran Support

Many veteran students have attended SNU-Tulsa and can attest to the support they receive. The SNU-Tulsa VETS Center helps students access their educational benefits, transition to civilian life, and prepare for the next step after graduation. 

Are you considering a return to college? Reach out to our enrollment counselors to see firsthand the level of support you will receive as a student at SNU-Tulsa. We can't wait to work with you and help you cross the graduation stage!


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