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Life... And Lemons!

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You’ve heard it.   

    I’ve heard it.

       We’ve all heard it.

“When life gives you lemons, 

     make lemonade!”

In his book, Anxious For Nothing,

    Max Lucado sums up  

        a life full of lemons:

  • 23 years old, right out of college, starting your first job
  • 33 years old, with two kids to feed and a family to care for
  • 43 years old, the latest victim of layoffs and downsizing
  • 53 years old, not the ideal age to start back to school
  • 63 years old, starting over… with no retirement funds…

      and the grandchildren living seven states away!


No matter what age you are today,

    anxieties, fears, questions, worries, doubts, troubles…    

         and lemons 

             can fall out of the sky 

                 like an Oklahoma-sized hailstone!  


Any time we think we can lean back 

     in our rocking chair and take it easy, 

         we pinch the cat’s tail 

              which makes him run all through the house 

                  breaking everything in his path!


Even the Bible tells us, “In this life you will have trouble!”

    And that’s actually Jesus talking: John 16:33

          But instead of getting all bent out of shape,

                we need to also remember what Jesus said

                      right after that:

“But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

I do not in any way mean to make light 

    of whatever it is that you are facing.  

        Whenever I receive your prayer requests, 

             my heart breaks 

                 over the painful struggles you are facing.


But I DO mean

    to continually point us to Jesus 

         as the Author and Finisher of our Faith!  


We are going to face troubles.  

    We are going to face anxieties.  

        But God has promised to be

            a very present help in time of need.  


All we have to do is call on Him 

   and He has promised to rescue us

      and give us strength and courage

          to face the days ahead.  


I’m going to give Max the last word:

   Life gives lemons  

       to good people,

           bad people, 

               old people, 

                   all people.  

Life comes with lemons.  

     But we don’t have to suck on them!


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