Rediscovering God


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One of the joys of my life these past 13 years has been teaching a course called “Biblical Perspectives.” In my early days, I heard people grumble, “Why do I have to take a Bible class in order to get a college education?” But lately, I am finding more and more of our PGS learners who see their time at a Christian university like SNU as a great opportunity to rediscover their spiritual journey.

In the safety of my classroom, many have confessed that they are reading the Bible for the first time! Or at least reading it for the first time as an adult.  What a blast for me to introduce adult learners to the amazing story of God! One of the simple discoveries is to see how the progression of God’s story unfolds in the culture and context of its day.

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For instance, in the Christian calendar, this is Holy Week… the week leading up to Easter Sunday.  This was a very tragic and transformative week in the life of Jesus.  Here’s a quick snapshot of the historic events of this week.

  • Palm Sunday:  Jesus rides into Jerusalem to the cheers of the people.  He is the greatest celebrity in town!
  • Monday – Wednesday:  But the Jewish leaders are trying to decide whether they can really believe in this Rabbi or not.  Ultimately, they make plans to kill him.
  • Maundy Thursday:  Jesus eats the Last Supper with his disciples.  Later, Judas betrays him for 30 pieces of silver.
  • Good Friday: Jesus is put through a joke of a trial, then beaten with a cat ‘o nine tails.  He is led down the Via Dolorosa to a hill outside Jerusalem where he is crucified.
  • Holy Saturday… Black Saturday: Jesus is dead!  In the tomb!  All hope is lost!
  • Easter Sunday:  He is Risen!  He is Risen indeed!!

I invite you to live this week in the shadow of the Cross.

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