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The Fear of a Nation of Extremes


Throughout American history, there has always been

a healthy discussion of ideas and philosophies. 

        That’s what makes America a great democracy.


But in today’s world,

   the algorithms that are built into our social media networks

       create an echo chamber that make sure we hear

           only those views that amplify our own way of thinking. 

This is true for my social media networks…

   and for your social media networks!


As Time Magazine recently said,

  “we have a monster misinformation hurricane,

      tearing through the possibility

         of consensus in American democracy

and ripping out all the precedents.”


But even more painful for me are the ugly divisions

   that have taken place within the Church. 

      Right before the election of 2020,

         one prominent evangelical said publicly,

            “the only evangelicals who are going to vote for Joe Biden

                 are those who have sold their souls to the devil.”


That doesn’t sound like what the Apostle Paul had in mind

       when he reminded us that, as Christians,

  we are all members of one body.”


What is most sad to me is how some of my Christian friends

   on both sides of the political discussion

      have slandered and attacked each other

         rather than respectfully listening to each other. 


I will confess that it is extremely hard for me to have a conversation

  with someone who has an elitist mindset. 

    You know… that person who says,

      “Not only am I right, but you’re wrong! 

         Not only am I right, I’m the only one smart enough

            to know what right is!” 

I have a hard time playing nice with that kind of person! 

   Especially when I am desperately trying to find common ground

      and all I get in return is a 45 minute lecture

         about how they are right and I am wrong.


In the midst of the maddening clamor for extremes,

   let me be crystal clear about where my vote is going!

      Rather than campaigning for the far left or the far right,

          I pledge my full support for being Radically Moderate!


Please don’t mistake my Radically Moderate position

    for being a Mediocrity between two extremes! 

        I hate mediocrity as much as I hate extremes. 

Jesus and I both share a disgust for anything lukewarm!


I like my friend, Tim Crutcher’s, description

    of being Radically Moderate as

“reframing the conflict in terms of other values and –

based on that – revealing a new and better position

which has things in common with both ends of the polarity

but offers a position that goes beyond both extremes.”


So, for me, being Radically Moderate

   is not compromising on some

       lukewarm mediocrity that leaves no one happy.


Radically Moderate is what happens when

  different mindsets,

    different viewpoints,

      different perspectives,

        different passions

           refuse to accept simplistic compromises

and come together to do the hard work

   of finding what John Wesley called

       the via media, the middle way.


I would love to invite you to join me

   on the campaign trail for being a

      Radical Moderate!


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