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What a Degree From a Christian College Really Means

For some, choosing a Christian university is a must. For others, it’s a bonus—or maybe it just worked out that way. And you might think what makes a school Christian is simply a chosen set of beliefs. But it’s so much more than that.

At SNU, our Christian faith shapes the experience our students have from top to bottom. It’s at the root of how we educate, care for, and prepare our students to thrive after graduation. In a world that feels increasingly volatile, we believe in the importance of being anchored to something bigger than ourselves. It’s an approach to education that fully embraces each student as a whole person, and equips them as such. True learning and intelligence is not just made up of ideas and facts. It’s about experiential understanding that engages your mind, heart, spirituality and senses. We seek to graduate professionals who will shape the world with their whole selves.

We value all members of our faith community, whether they are Christian, belong to another faith, or have no faith at all. You will be welcome here, no matter what path you walk. Here’s what a Christian education could mean for you.

A degree that supports your values

Earning a degree from an institution that’s aligned with your personal and spiritual values makes a profound difference. We teach our students to understand and adapt to the world around them—all the while keeping them rooted in a faith-based approach. To us, educating students from a Christian perspective means delivering curriculum that affirms the care for our neighbor, a Christlike standard of ethics and morality, and the work of spreading love, joy and peace to the people around us. Pursuing a degree doesn’t have to be separate from those core parts of your faith.

And you might be wondering, if I’m not studying theology, does this really apply? And the truth is, it really does. Our world is deeply interconnected. Behind the ideas, methods and frameworks you study, there’s always a worldview that’s driving it. Our faculty take the time to give our students the full picture, teaching material within the greater context of our Christian beliefs.

The coursework at a Christian university prepares you for leadership by presenting hard questions that require you to look beyond obvious answers to discover layers of meaning and arrive at conscientious, often innovative solutions. The regular examination of real-world and spiritual issues as part of the analytical process develops true leadership abilities. Plus, potential employers will know that an education from a Christian university means you are committed to learning about and integrating the things that are valuable to you, which is a true mark of a leader.

Christlike community

We understand that community isn’t just a perk. It’s an essential component to a healthy, fulfilled life—and it’s what we were intended for. We believe that God created us to live in community, and that we experience God through connection with one another.

Between our cohort model approach to smaller class sizes with invested faculty, every aspect of SNU is intended to foster community. A communal environment is how we learn best. And in a world that grows increasingly isolated, maintaining community in our lives requires intentionality. And the benefits of a cohort community aren’t just for face-to-face students taking classes at one of our Oklahoma locations. SNU’s online degree programs are designed for connection, too. With so many ways to engage with each other virtually, you don’t have to compromise.

For some, the cohort model is a chance to develop new friendships and professional connections. Others may not have the margin to invest quite as much in new relationships. But either way, just knowing there’s a group of people in solidarity who are going through the same educational experience as you makes a world of difference.

The practice of perspective

You might think that earning a degree from a Christian university gives you a single perspective on what you learn and the world around you. But in fact, it actually teaches you to view things from multiple points of view. The Christian faith is a rich tradition that doesn’t shy away from life’s big questions. It’s rooted in humanity’s age-old pursuit of truth. It’s deeply interconnected with the story of our world. And while it may take a unique position and set of beliefs, SNU is committed to helping students understand how their faith lives and breaths in the context of a diverse world. To earn a faith-based degree is to gain an education that isn’t only focused on the subject matter at hand, but also the lenses through which it’s viewed.

The servant leadership you’re called to

Christian universities are preparing you to think through the hard questions and moral dilemmas with a godly perspective. Having integrity is one of the top qualifiers for a good leader. You can be confident in not only your education, but also the preparation you’ve made to be a disciple in a professional environment.

Many Christian universities have programs dedicated to teaching students sound leadership principles. For example, SNU offers leadership degrees at every level:  B.S. in Organizational Leadership, Master of Leadership, and an Ed. D in Administration and Leadership. These programs focus specifically on growing individuals to make a positive impact in the world.

Becoming a better and more effective leader is not exclusive to your time in the classroom. You’ll spend your entire professional career honing your skills to become a more solid leader. The leadership skills and tools you develop while enrolled at a Christian college prepare you to utilize your skills with a Christian perspective in the workplace.


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