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First-Generation Graduate Earns MBA and Army Promotion

Growing up in Eastman, Georgia, a small town outside of Atlanta, SNU was probably the last place Derrick Gillis expected to end up. But life changed when he and his mom moved from Georgia to Houston,Texas.

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SNU to Offer an Online Doctorate Summer 2020

This summer, Southern Nazarene University's Doctor of Education in Administration and Leadership will launch its fourth cohort - only this one will be ONLINE.  This  online program will mirror the same format as the face to face program with an embedded dissertation to be completed by the end of the 32 month program. Research courses support the development of the dissertation along with meaningful and relevant content courses throughout the program.  Each cohort will have the benefit of a dissertation director that will work with all learners throughout their programs of study.  Courses such as Strategic Planning, Visionary Leadership, and Collaboration and Team Building enhance the learning and professional development of educators, business professionals, public service officials and many others as they reach for their goals in a terminal degree.
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Why Adult Students Thrive at SNU-Tulsa

There are many reasons why students struggle in college when enrolling soon after high school. They may encounter financial struggles, have family changes, not know what they want to do for the rest of their lives, or just not find joy in the traditional college experience. There are also many reasons why students return to college later in life. They likely have careers they want to further, families they want to support, and goals they want to reach

SNU-Tulsa students have thrived academically and professionally, thanks to a unique model designed specifically for adults returning to college. Keep reading to discover why adults are graduating from SNU-Tulsa and reaching their goals.

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